How to look at a genuine Mulberry Rosemary

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  1. Hi, i am thinking to get one but from eBay, there are so many fakes out can i spot those fake bags?

    Are they all made in England tags attached? and have date code like LV??

    Thank you.
  2. Hi there and welcome!

    My best suggestion would be to post the eBay auctions in the authenticate this sticky at the top of the forum and then we can all give you our opinions!

    Other than that - They can be made in Englad, Turkey, China and Spain.

    To add confusion some have serial nos on the back of the brass tags and some don't!!

    All in all it is probably best to post the auctions you are looking at:yes:
  3. agree with RachelA , 100 % ! factories everywhere , serial number on some and not on others , letters on the back of tags , sometimes and not on others .!
  4. Post some piccys or links and we will do our best to help, benzie. I have a rosemary, there is a picture of it in the 'show us your mulberry bags thread'. Like RachelA said, they are not all made in England; I bought my Rosemary direct from the mulberry website, and it had a 'made in england' tag in it. Unfortunately it had (what I was told were) 'scars' in the leather so had to go back... mulberry replaced it with a brand new one which had been made in turkey.... So I think its just random really where they are made.
  5. Be very careful. I think that some of the fake Mulberry bags are very very convincing.
  6. Check out the 'Roxanne' bag listings too. Quite a lot of sellers get confused and call the Rosemary bags 'Roxanne'. You look at the photo and suddenly think BUT IT HAS A SHOULDER STRAP!

    Why not call the Mulberry factory outlets at York and Shepton Mallet. Although the bag is discontinued, they both had genuine Rosemary in stock when I last phoned about a month ago. I think they were priced up at around £350? They may cost a bit more than eBay BUT you will be certain that they are the REAL THING!
  7. ITA with Jenova, and there's also an outlet store at Bicester Village which is worth a try. Just be aware they have no returns policy! Only exchange ...