How to look after Antique Glace leather?

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  1. I received my Ledbury today (which is soo to follow when hubby goes back to work!!)
    It doesn't have a care do I need to spray it or does it already have a waterprof coating, will it mark in the rain etc?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Rascalcat is the person to talk to, she has quite a collection of Glace!

    I'm glad you love the bag - can't wait to see photos.
  3. Whre are the modelling pics????
  4. I cant answer the question Im afraid, but......

  5. I have the care card for My Roxy in Antique Black Glace, it says: "We advise to regulary treat your bag with the recommended Collonil Waterspot (!), which will assist in preserving the natural characteristics of this unique leather. If the surface appears dull, rub lightly with a soft cloth. Please remove residue water with a paper towel. Should your bag get wet, pack loosely with paper and allow to dry naturally-never palce in direct heat. Please avoid rubbing against easily marked or light clothing. Special care should be taken to prevent scratching and marking, avoid placing the bag on rough or sharp surfaces."

    Congrats to a superb bag!
  6. thanks for the advice, will try to take pics at the weekend.
  7. Congrats, rachiem!

    I never treat my glace bays, no collonil, no polish or nourrishing cream, and it looks even better now than when it was brand new. I have used it a lot - for years, in all kinds of weather. When I bought it, I was told that the glace leather doesn't need any treatment or spraying. I simply make sure to wipe it dry if I get caught in the rain (and living on the Swedish west coast, that happens quite often). Good luck!
  8. Thanks Vicky
  9. Can't wait to see pics Rachie, I am so jealous.
  10. congrats Rachiem... cant wait to see some pics!

    Regarding care - my card also says use collonii however i have never yet treated the glace bags with it. My glace plum bays has been out in wind/snow/rain untreated and she just looks better for it!