How to look a bit older (or at least my age :D)

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  1. Hi everyone!I need some advices.I'm almost 25,married by three years,and i'm currently helping my husband with his buisness.I've always looked younger than my age,but it never bothered me too much.Now it's different,thought.I'm not that young anymore,and I'm starting to be a bit sick of looking like a teen.It also often happen that I have troubles with our buyers because I look so young that no one ever take me seriously.One of them even refused to pay me because he thought that I couldn't be old enough to really be the owner wife (but he never saw my husband..he look even younger than me :P),so I had to send my FIL to get the cash.Now,that really made me uncomfortable with my appereance.Also,I'm currently loosing weight,but right now I'm still a bit too much over my ideal weight,so my face is like roooound :P and it doesn't help either!I don't have my mother near me,and my MIL couldn't care less about appereance,so I have no one to ask for advice.My hair are now curly because I had a perm,but usually are straight.Could you girls give me some advice for make up and hairstyle?I'm totally open about cut my hair,if it could help!
    I post some pics (please,excuse the lack of make up and the messy,wet hair-just got out of the shower!)




    gosh,these are so big!I'm sorry girls!
  2. maybe try dressing more professionally? what do you normally wear?
    i don't honestly think you look that young, so don't worry too much.
  3. a nice haircut or a bun and a natural but still visible make-up. I'm 27 and still some ppl think I'm 19 or even underaged, but I like it . . . because I will have enough time for looking old :biggrin: no seriously a classy hairstyle ( not that I think yours isn't) with cleaner or more defined lines and a good eye make-up can change a lot!
  4. I try,but it's not working,it seems.I'm costantly asked if I am sure I am over 18 :rolleyes: it's kind of awkard,because I don't think that I look that much young too!They wanted to check my documents for letting me in countless times at various locals,for various movies,and many other times.The funniest thing is that my best friend never got checked when we were together,not even when she was underage!
  5. I don't think you look that young ... well, anyway, I'd wish I had your problem! :smile:
    My advice: try a different make-up, clothing or hair style.
  6. I would go with a little more makeup, some lips and eyes definitely. A little haircut/trim and try straight hair...that always makes me look a bit more grown. If you want to stay with the curls make sure they look polished and use some products to add body.

    also: brows are major! I can tell you have nice thick brows naturally I would suggest growing them out and then going to someone that does eyebrow SHAPING and having them create full arched brows that shape your face. It will make a world of difference
  7. You don't look like a teen, you look your age, IMO. Maybe try out a new hairstyle or getting a few new pieces for your wardrobe?
  8. I disagree^:biggrin:

    WOW< you have flawless, gorgeous SKIN! Beautiful!
  9. You're a cutie, lilyjamie. You look about 20 to me. Lucky you for being mistaken as a lot younger, because when you get to my age, you'll really appreciate it. [​IMG]A new hairdo (as well as different makeup) can make a world of difference. I'm thinking something like a long straight blunt bob would make you look a little older and sophisticated. If you want to change your hair style, drop into your hair salon and look through their hair magazines and ask their opinion. Have fun with it.
  10. You have beautiful skin
  11. You have very clear complexion, love that skin.

    To look older, I think your face needs some color. Add some blush. Definitely need eyeshadow, try the blue color palette (think the 1980s blue look). People will look at you and think classic, old fashioned therefore equals older.

    I agree with the professional shape eyebrow arch and the business suits will make you look more mature. Think librarian look.

    For lip color, try the brown shade color. Do not use pink because you have very clear complexion, it will only make you look younger. People will see pink color and good skin equals younger. So try brown....
  12. You don't look like a teen to me neither. As the others said, try a more visible make up. You can also try to get your hair done by a pro, sometimes it helps looking more mature.
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    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Aw,thank you to all girls!!You know,I'm always worried about my skin,because I get red spots easily (there are still two near my lips),that stay there a couple of weeks and then just disappear.Not zits,just red spots.I don't know why.Anyway,I'm thinking about cutting my hair about shoulder lenght,or even a bit shorter,when the perm straight out.I had the treatment done in late september,so it won't probably last much longer.I'm always undecided about my hair,because my husband like long hair,expecially when they are very long (when we met,my hair were so long they passed my waist),but I got a bit sick of them and the maintenance,even because my hair easily breaks and get so dry when they are that long.As for the make up,I almost never put make up on,but when I do I love it.I will try to put on make up everyday,at least a little bit,and I will try your tips!
    Right now I'm trying to dress a bit more classic,but I don't want to buy new clothes until I'm done dieting.I still have to lose a lot of weight,and buying clothes that in a couple of months won't fit me anymore it seem a waste to me.
    BTW,my husband looked at the pics I posted,said that they sucks and that in real life I look younger than that,but refused to take a pic for me because he said that I'm fine like this and I don't have to change a thing.I guess it was a compliment?:lol:
  14. You look lovely and your face is fine for age 25. You have an innocent look, especially around the eyes. Are you wearing eyeshadow?

    Try a winged smokey eyeshadow application. Lining your eyes in black and brown or plum shadows, highlighting your browbone with something lightly frosty. Try a wine or plummy lipstick.

    My eyes are very pronounced down-turned eyes which I hate b/c I come off like I cry all the time but I notice such a different reaction when I have eye makeup on, complete transformation.
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