How to locate a 2005 Silver Metallic City?

  1. I'm currently researching before buying my first Balenciaga.

    I came cross 2005 Silver Metallic City and have completely fall in love with this color.:nuts:

    Any idea or suggestion where I can find this baby?
  2. Considering that is a 2005 production, your biggest chance is e**Y..or RDC as well as Annefabulousfinds..

    Will keep my eye open for you..

    Good luck! :yes:
  3. Aki is correct.

    This bag is over 2 years out of production so you won't find this in any retail stores.

    Please be sure you understand there is no buying or selling bags on this forum :flowers:
  4. What's RDC?
  5. xx
  6. Ah! Now I understand. I believe you need to send the PM to Pink! (The o/p.)
    Also - I've recently been in touch with RDC and am super excited about finding my perfect red BBAG!
    Thanks, ladies. :tup:
  7. *LOL :p
    Sorry Shamrock, I meant to send the PM to pink like you said...

    Oh post pic of the red bag you got from RDC!