How to list worldwide?

  1. HI, may I know how to put your listing worldwide? Or adjust your shipping to 'worldwide'? Apparently, the only thing I found from eBay is to list it seperately and individually on the different countries' eBay website. Is this the only method?? I'm new to eBay and would really appreciate if a kind soul would help me out here :confused1:
  2. There is a box you can check for worldwide, it should be at the top of the list that has all the countries. to the left of the worldwide tag.

  3. oh that's for the us website? or the uk one?
  4. that is for the us website, sorry I didn't know where you were from.
  5. its the same on the uk, it asks you where you will post to, just tick the worldwide box
  6. Yep, the worldwide tick box, but I think some items are not allowed to be sold worldwide...I could be wrong but I remember not being able to set a couple of my items to worldwide before :confused1: