How to learn french...

  1. Whats the best program or dvds to learn french? Thanks
  2. Rosetta Stone?
  3. There's a video series called "French in Action". I think it has about 30 or more episodes. It was filmed probably 20 years ago, but is still enjoyable today. You might be able to order it from the PBS website. It comes with a workbook too. I highly recommend it!!!!

    If you have a community college in your area, they may offer evening or weekend programs for beginning French. I took a few semesters at Georgetown Univ. on Saturday mornings. It was a wonderful experience and the class was composed of students like me....taking the class for personal enrichment.
  4. I was using the Pimsleur CD's in my car and they were working quite well to learn basic conversational French. I was planning a trip to Paris, but it fell through and I gave up on learning. :shame: I should really get them out and follow through with the course, shouldn't I? You can get Pimsleur at any Barnes and Noble or Border's.