How to land the H-enabling DH?

  1. Do you have one of the H-enabling DHs/SOs? :graucho:

    If so, how did you do it? Where to look? How to land the catch? :upsidedown: Or, if that fails, how to train an H disabling SO into an enabling one?

    Share your tips and tricks with the "poor" ones still looking! :supacool:
  2. :popcorn:
  3. 1- to appeal to their logical brain - tell them about the quality and craftsmanship. Educate them about the hand crafting process, strict leather selection process and the times it takes a highly skilled crafts person to make one piece. Show them pics of really old bags looking good to prove that they last for generations :graucho::roflmfao:

    2 - act really,really, REALLY happy when you get your orange fix from them to make them feel good about themselves :lol:

    3 - if 1 and 2 fail resort to reminiding them how many computer games/camera equiment/guns/watches/cars/wine bottles/art pieces/whatever floats their boat they have :upsidedown:

  4. I'd love an enabler, but I'm perfectly happy with one that really doesn't care what I buy cause it all looks nice to him. :lol: He does do jewelry, which is good enough.
    I'd start with an honest answer to "So what do you want for *whatever special occasion*" If he doesn't faint or die when he realizes the price class, then you know you've got one! :nuts:
  5. If DH was out of college and established in a career already, I'd probably have a closetful of H and be doing tons of reveals on here. He learns about the things I like and wants me to be happy - even if it sometimes involves shallow things like wanting X amount of handbags in all the colors available. We want to share in what makes each other feel good and happy - I can pick out different fishing rods and sound intelligent talking about fishing to other people, just as he could hold a conversation about Hermes. He just enables me in general - maybe the secret is finding someone that is in tune with how important it is for each of you to have your own obsessions and to be curious enough to learn about them from each other.
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  7. Hahahhahahahahhha!!!!!^^^
  8. Merika: What? Kneepads?!? I'll remember to bring those on my next date.

  9. Love the kneepads!! Yes, I'd love to find me an H-enablin' dude any day....muahahahhaha
  10. Definitely! :yes:

    Merika, you really crack me up :roflmfao:
  11. Kneepads!! CLASSIC!

    Ok, you got this one in just under the wire, but I do think you should win "Post of the Year!"
  12. Ah, but I am not the first person to come up with this 'classic' solution...:p.

    I believe it was either Japster or GF who thought of it first.......

  13. You are brilliant, Candace. Thank you for this. :yes:
  14. OH, yes...

    Kneepads, too. Those do work wonders.....