How to keep your bag tidy and light?!

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  1. Any of you have any idea how to keep your bags tidy?
    I'm having real problem with my bag as I constantly edit what's in my bag but still it is so heavy or just can not find what I need when I need it.
    I consider myself tidy person but when comes down to my handbags just simply useless. Other day I couldn't find my wallet and held up everyone in Q. Silly silly silly but it happens quite often and wondered how everyone else manages?:P
  2. A lot of people here use purse organizers/inserts, like The Chameleon, to help organize their bags. If you do a search, you'll get tons of info. :yes:
  3. I think that purse organizers are the way to go if you are having trouble finding stuff in your bag. I don't use them, but I have actually honed down what I find essential to carry around with me on a daily basis. I did away with the paperback and waterbottle, but I kept a small makeup pouch with less in it, a wallet, my keys, my cell, reading glasses and keys. That's about it. When I accumulate extra papers and receipts and other things throughout the day, I just remove them when i get home. I have been really organized for quite a while now. There's nothing like rifling through your purse when you need something right away.
  4. I agree, pare down what you are carrying. I realized that I hadn't used several things I'd been lugging around for almost a year and got rid of those things. It's been over a month haven't even needed any of those items I discarded yet.

    I also think a more "compartmentalized" bag would do you some good. Having 1 or two separate zipped or unzipped areas where you could know your wallet and keys and cell are always in that pocket and your makeup and maybe business cards in the other area.
  5. I just use the pockets that are in my bag so I'm not searching for things in the main part. My 2 heaviest things I carry are my wallet and makeup bag. About every 2 weeks I make it a habit of going through my bag and cleaning out all the
    unnecessary junk.
  6. I use pouches/cosmetic bags to help me organize some of my stuff. I have one for makeup stuff, one for more practical stuff (like hand sanitizer, lotion, folding brush, band-aids, etc), and one for pens and pencils. It helps a lot because I'm not digging for small items.
  7. just carry the necessities - phone, wallet (and pare down the wallet), and keys. add a paperback if you have a long commute, and some chapstick or lipstick. keep the rest of the makeup at home and at work unless you're out on a special occasion - you won't need it!
  8. I had been using a chameleon, but found that just encouraged me to let junk pile up as I would switch it from bag to bag.

    Now i'm trying to keep a few separate organizational items. This is what my bag typically looks like

    cell phone and black berry in zip or open pockets of bag itself

    small amount of make up/clean up items (just chapstick, lip gloss, tide to go pen, mini nail file, mirror) and pen , in a marc by marc jacobos miss marc zip around pouch

    Wallet items in my balenciaga mini compagnon (i keep all receipts inside, but clean the receipts out on a weekly basis)

    misc cards not needed on a daily basis (rewards cards, library card, business cards) in a balenciaga protect me

    Ipod out on its own

    Sunglasses in case out on their own

    little packet of tissues out on there own

    I'm still looking for a smaller light weight zip closure bag to keep my ipod, tissues, and maybe a small note pad, safe and organized.

    What i do like about this form of organization, is that things are organized by function, for the most part. If it's dark out, i take out the sunglasses. if i'm going shopping, i take out the ipod. If i'm just running a quick errand, i only take my wallet. Having the cards split up is a new thing, but i really like it because it keeps my wallet itself very lean and mean.

    Basically, i think everyone will have their own ideal form of organizaiton. I'm hopeful this one works for me!
  9. I agree with everyone else, minimizing is the best way to go. I carry my wallet, my make-up pouch, keys, work badge, cell phone, extra cards in a small pouch and my sunglasses. I will add more items when I need it but make sure it get's out when it's done. I also go through daily to make sure recipts are gone.

    I never put any standalone items in my bag. All the smaller items with out pouches or cases can start to get lost in my bigger bags.
  10. I just got the large "Purse-to-go" organizer, and it fits my Monty PM very well. It gives it some extra structure without much weight, but it doesn't make the purse look bulky or boxy. It also has a bottom to make transferring bags a piece of cake while keeping your LV clean. I love it!
  11. I carry a large bag, so it is by no means light though it IS tidy. I use the Hobo International Lauren clutch as my wallet, which fits a lot of stuff. My Ray Bans have their own case, and my iPod has its own felt case too (Squirrelsnest on Etsy has made several cute custom cases for me). I keep a small MAC softsac in my bag for makeup items and a comb. My gum, card case, and phone all fit into built in pockets in my bag. I keep hair bands, bobby pins and a matchbook in small coin purse. The aforementioned coin purse, pill case, eye drops and pepper spray all go into a zipped compartment in my purse. The only thing that really floats around in my bag is probably a pen and sometimes a stray Chapstick.

    This is what it looks like laid out:
  12. Carry only what you need on a daily basis. For me it is my wallet, a makeup bag (with the bare minimum, such as lipgloss, concealer brown eyeliner), the smallest and lightest foldable umbrella, my organiser, my cell phone, paper tissues and my key. Sometipes I also carry a foldable toothbrush and paste, since I hate not to brush my teeth after a meal and eventually some moist wipes, but that's really it.

    Paprbacks only when I travel (I don't communte on a daily basis), water bottle never even think about it (I can get water everywhere when thirsty and it is very heavy to carry around), sunglasses replace the umbrella during the summer season.
  13. In case anyone has some basic sewing skills, here is a website with directions to make a purse organizer yourself. I made a number of them for myself, and gave them to my girlfriends also. You can adjust to make compartments to your own needs.
  14. I use small pouches to keep things together - 1 for make-up (powder, blush, lipstick and gloss), 1 for random discount cards/credit cards, 1 for keys. This system keeps larger items more visible so I can easily find my wallet and pocket agenda. My pen and phone usually go into one of the pockets of my handbag.

    I've also sized my bags down by a lot. I find it helps keep things simple.