How to keep wire back earrings from coming out of your ears?

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  1. I have a lot of wire back earrings that always seem to fall out of my pierced ears. I am afraid of losing the ones that have gemstones in them. And I'm tired of stealing the sleeves from other earrings.

    Where can I buy those little sleeves that fit over the wires to secure them from slipping out of your pierced ears?
  2. If you have a Claire's around you, you could find them there. Otherwise, check department store jewelry/watch repair departments, like JC Penney.
  3. Claire's Boutique - nice and cheap!:biggrin:
  4. Hi L, If you have trouble finding them at Claire's PM me and I will look through my supply cataloges.
  5. I bought a pack of 100 on eeeeee bay for about 5 bucks! You can do a search for plastic earring backs or stoppers. I got the clear ones and push them all the way up to the back of my ears; you can't even see them!
  6. Hi,

    You get the plastic bags at Michaels Craft Store. I think it is like $4 for 100 pair so that would fit 50 earrings. Good luck.
  7. Thanks all! I bought some on eBay and I'll see how they are. If not I'll check out the other suggestions from everyone here. Thanks!
  8. I switched most of my earrings to leverbacks for that reason.