how to keep the fur in your uggs soft ?

  1. i never really noticed it before but the fur in my black uggs has gotten tuffer its not matted or anything its just not as soft. does this just come from wear overtime or is it something i did wrong ? i just want to keep my new chestnut ones in great condition and i love the look of the soft fur.

    thanks for your help ! :tup:
  2. I think it's inevitable.
  3. I have the same thing...
    don't think anything can stop it or repair the damage...
  4. Yup, it's inevitable. My UGGs are like this too now :sad: I miss the softness of the fur...

    You can always replace the insoles to keep the bottoms soft!
  5. Ive noticed this too! I love my Uggs the first few weeks because the fur is all squishy and soft. What I do is get a comb and very carefully pull at it. It gives the fur a little of its poof back.
  6. thanks for your help ill try the comb thing on my black ones and see what happens ! :smile: