HOW to keep polish on?????

Ellie Mae

Peace B with U
May 24, 2008
Took my overlays off in Dec. Have really healthy nails, only wore overlays in the first place becuz it meant NEVER having to fight the battle of trying to keep polish on natural nails.
But now I am back to natural nails. Had a mani Friday, already starting to chip along the edges.
Has anyone found a solution to keeping polish on????????



Jun 21, 2008
you need a really good top coat and base coat combo. However, this may take a while to find, as everyone is differant, so what works for me may not work for you. I use nailtek ridge filler, creative sticky, then the colour (mainly opi, as they are what work on me), then seche vite. Hope this helps, but I am afraid it is a case of trial and error!!xx


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Apr 25, 2006
I'm not a nail polish person but I might be after using Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear. It goes on smooth and thick and the brush loads just right. I'm extremely hard on my hands with housework and it lasts up to 4 days with me. I think for anyone, it could last longer than a week.
Feb 26, 2006
A good basecoat and topcoat work wonders. Also, cleaning the nails so they are free of oils will help polish adhere and prevent chipping. Another thing to try is wrapping the polish over the free edge (the tip) of the nail.


Nov 13, 2007
Try one of those nail polish pens in clear,..I know Sally Hansen and OPI have them and you can toss it in your purse and apply every day or every other day over your polish and since its a pen, its no hassle and if you forget, you always have it with you.

Ellie Mae

Peace B with U
May 24, 2008
HM... I normally have my nails done, rather than do them myself. I know they do clean the nail beds prior to applying polish, but have no clue what type base/top coats they are using.
I'm thinking I also need to try some other salons and find someone who does not apply the polish so thick. They slather all those thick coats quickly right on top of one another, no in-between drying time, and I am noticing a few bubbles.
Thanks for all the advice girls! I shall try a couple of these at home for maintenance.


Sep 21, 2007
^ Yes, roughing up the surface works very well!

A base and top coat are key. Sometimes I do a thin coat of color after a few days and a quick top coat to freshen up. I have had manicures last as long as 12 days on my nails doing that, even w/ typing, cleaning, etc.

Some brands are just better than others for you too- OPI works very well for me, as does Zoya.


Nov 18, 2006
no snow - definitely try it! it's great for me. CND stickey also works well for that, but sometimes stickey causes my nails to peel after i remove it so i like bonder better.... unfortunately i broke my bottle last night! arg. but i'll be running out to get a new one today - its that good ;)


May 28, 2007
You need to use a base coat and top coat. I love Seche ridge filler base coat which is like shimmery white and I love the clear fast drying top coat. Also I went to get my nails done this week and my manicurist put apple cider on my nails first she said it helps adhere the polish. I apply a coat of either nail strengthner Nailtiques or Seche top coat everyday. I always had arclyics for years and just recently took the off so I am not doing well at keeping a manicure either.


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Nov 28, 2007
also be careful what you do with your hands. if you type at a keyboard/work with your hands and fingers all day you will probably be more prone to chipping your nails. also if you do housework/washing dishes wear gloves. little things to protect your hands.