How to keep polish from staining toe nails?

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  1. I am having a problem with my polish staining my toes. I think it's because I leave the polish on too long, because I use a base coat so that can't be it. I usually repaint ever 2-3 weeks, is that way too long?

    I plan to have them painted for about another month until it gets cool and then I will remove all the polish for the winter, or at least for a while, so how do I get rid of the yellow stain?

    It's not fungus, I have looked at pictures and aside from being tinted orangish, my nails are healthy looking. There's also a line towards the bottom of my nail where they are normal color, so I guess it must have been a color I used a few months ago that caused the staining.
  2. Hmm.... I leave polish on for 2-3 weeks as well and don't have problems with staining... perhaps try a different base coat? I use zoya anchor
  3. I have been using OPI natural nail base coat. It has a purplish tinge to it. I don't know why it's not working.
  4. Some colors just stain even through a base coat. There are nail whiteners out there, but I don't think many of them are all that effective; you might have to just wait and grow them out. You might want to try a different base coat as well.
  5. I use two coats of base coat with polishes that stain a lot (example: reds and blues). Not sure if this really helps though :shrugs:
  6. I always have staining at the end of summer as I only wear red and blue colored polish. Once sandle season is over I go and see my nail girl and I get her to take off all the polish she then buffs the toes nails and trys to get as much of the yellowing out as she can. I think they call this a sports pedi as she's just buffing and cleaning up the bottom of my feet and there's no polish being put on. I find that it usually takes a few months for the yellowing to go away.
  7. I say apply your base 2x then polish or try another base coat just for trying sake.
  8. I use Orly rubberized base coat and have never experienced staining. I think JulieG something or other on YouTube has a video on removing the stains from your nails.
  9. I get the staining too. I use a Barielle protein treatment as my base coat to help with the ridges in my toe nails. Otherwise, the ridges end up making cracks in my polish after 1-2 weeks. I keep my pedi polish for about 4 weeks during the spring/summer. I am polish-free for fall/winter.
  10. I always have 2 coats of a base coat, 2 coats of polish and 1 coat of top coat :yes:
  11. Thanks all!

    I guess it's too late for me for this summer, so I will try a better base coat next year when I start polishing again in the spring.

    Buffing definitely does help to remove it, but I would have to buff away a LOT to get rid of it all. Any kinds of soaks or sprays that might help remove the yellowing? I've heard vinegar but I don't know if that is true.
  12. I use OPI, I think my nails look orange-ish. Do you use any sunless tanners? I noticed that also did it, but yeah... otherwise, I get that too. I have worn nail polish non stop since I was like 12! They look healthy and fine and are strong... but yeah, have a tint of orange. Maybe it's not even nail polish? Like maybe it's even a nutrients thing.
  13. I do'nt use sunless tanner so its' not that. I was thinking maybe it is a combo of polish and the base coat because the base coat has a purple tint. It's also old so I definitely need new.

    My fingernails are fine and I don't paint them so I know it has something to do with my pedicure habits!
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    I say when using a dark color definitely 2 coats of base coat. I use Barielle's natural nail camouflage and never have a problem even when I keep my pedicure for three weeks. I also think I read that soaking in lemon juice might help with the staining but am not sure as I've never tried it.
  15. My toes stain during the summer when they're constantly painted for almost 5 months, I think it's pretty much unavoidable. My nail girl buffs them a bit when winter begins and then I don't paint them at all for a couple of months until the stained bit grows out.