how to keep my mono speedy 25 clean, help

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  1. hey guys I recently bought my mono speedy 25, and I wanted to know how can i take care of the handlers to prevent them from getting dirty, or how can i clean it after it stars getting dirty.. Apparently trying to grab it w clean hands its not enough :shrugs::confused1:
  2. Well.. I know that if you want to keep them clean.. I would not hold on the handles with your hands if you put any kind of lotion on your hands.. usually barehands will keep the hands from turning the patina to a really dark color.

    I wish I knew more info on how to prevent it.. but I don't own any vachetta leather LV's to help. ><
  3. I read that using alcohol-free and fragrance free baby wipes work. You can try doing a search under the LV FAQs section regarding baby wipes or cleaning vachetta. HTH!
  4. usually, after i bought my lv and i will spray it with apple garde rain & stain repellent. :idea:
  5. If you do a search in FAQs you will find tips & answers on protecting & cleaning your speedy
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.