How to keep lightcolored Bag handles clean?

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  1. Hey you guys,
    I`m getting a skyblue office Bag real soon, I`m so happy.:yahoo:
    But how in the heck does one keep the handles clean and if
    they should get soiled, is there a way to clean them?
    I used to have a sky-blue first and I noticed after a while a kind of
    yellow-brownish tone to the handles, before i sold it.:wtf:
    How do you keep it clean.? :nuts:
    I think the white bags have the same problem:yucky: and the lilac
    and I know the office does not come with a strap, to hold on to.:throwup:
    Any advise? :tender:
  2. thanks Swissflower for asking this question (i wanna learn more about it too)...i know we're supposed to spray them w/AG :yes:...but i've been too scared to use the stuff yet due to the scary warnings about death & dying on the can :wtf:...i'm determined to keep my handles clean though :girlsigh:

    p.s. can anyone also recommend how to put the "shine" back in your b-bag (?)
  3. Well, I have this Burgundy Twiggy from France(goofy trade)
    and it came with yucky dark handles:throwup: and a smoky smell:censor:
    so I thought how about all the light colored bags, they have no
    chance, unless you use them once in the blue moon.:supacool:
  4. hey guys.....I have no experience with this company, but the lady from lovinmybags sent me some before an after pics of restored balanciagas which she has on her website.......i think it's looks like they do a good job which I am curious what you all think of...disclaimer...never used their services and not affiliated with the company
  5. i think prevention is the key. AG the handles (if not the whole bag)... I cleaned my slightly dark marron 04 handles with apple cleaner and a 1/2 wet (just in case it turned I needed to wash it off if it made the handles neon orange or something, i didnt know what to expect) and half dry washcloth. some black came off with the first application and a little browish-black with the second so I stopped there (figuring the brown was the dye color). I let them dry and then applied apple lotion and then buffed and then AGed. they look fine now, not much different, just a wee little bit cleaner and more brown, but mine didnt need much either. they were slightly matte before and now are shiny like the rest of the bag, so I think I did good... I was really afraid I'd hurt it, but it looks fine and I feel better about carrying it now.

    Others have had good results with saddle soap. I use saddle soap on a lot of my vintage stuff w/o problems, but you have to be gentle, the bbag leather is so delicate... and expensive... so its really up to you i guess...
  6. wow, varsha, that bubblegum pink transformation is amazing :yes:...hope the mods don't mind if i post this photo, but y'all have gotta see this!!!...i'm so excited, because it gives me hope for my lighter colored bags down the road :tender:
  7. I was just looking at that! Holy :censor:!! its such a great transformation!!
  8. That's what I thought! And the description of how they do it sounds impressive (the three tier process thingie) but one thing I can't tell is if the restored bag has the same texture as bbags ......but at least for handles, right? I guess I would need to ask for bigger pictures of closeups...
  9. Thanks for sharing all yer ideas....I will do my best, waiiting
    for my skyblue Bag tomorrow....:roflmfao: :wlae: :wlae: :yahoo:
  10. Thanks for the info Varsha!!!
  11. Holy c:censor:P! They did an amazing job with that bubblegum pink work! Did you all read about the whole base coat + hand-painted print coat + top coat process? It's quite fascinating (to me at least), no wonder balenciaga bags colors are so unique & never uniform! Though it's good to know that they clean out all the oil & grime beforehand, I wonder whether the texture of the leather is the same afterwards since it's repainted....
  12. yeah, i wanna know the answer to that question too, anyone (?) :shrugs:
  13. GOOD QUESTION HAT!- I also wonder if it is the same texture too!
  14. Definitely my question too...
  15. LovinLeather (TPF poster) suggested emailing a website for questions.