How to keep a bag plumped? up ..

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  1. Heyy people!

    I just recieved a bag I ordered, I love it and all but I'm just wondering how to keep it (insert word), I don't know what the correct word is, I mean keep it not wilted and up, like you know if you got a sort of big bag and when it isn't full of stuff, it kind of goes down or in? It doesn't stay up and sturdy but looks empty. Haha, I'm sorry I know I'm really bad at trying to explain what I mean! Anyways, do you know how I can keep it from doing that, like maybe insert a piece of cardboard at the base so it doesn't (insert word). It's outer material is plastic so maybe thats why it doesn't stay up properly when empty.

    Thanks people.

    And I'm not sure if this should go here or in the DIY sub forum
  2. This seems like a good idea, but I want something I don't have to order online. Thanks for your help though. (:
  3. i think u want to ur bag to keep its shape when u put it down and doesn't that it? i think some people keeps half the stuffing inside even when they are using their bags to keep its shape... ;)
  4. how about just a bunch of tissue paper or the stuffed paper that it came with,leave that in there as the bottom. that's about all i have. lol
  5. KEEP IT IN SHAPE! Haha, this is what I meant to say, I don't know why I had a hard time phrasing that xD . Anyways, I can't edit the post now, so yeah, that's what I meant. I'll give the stuffed paper idea a try. Thanks for your help everybody!
  6. I think that keeping your bag "plumped" sounds cute!
  7. Put a sweater in it along with the rest of the items.
  8. put a base shaper in it
    or use a flat pouch on the bottom
    thats what i do with my speedy and it keeps the bottom from sagging
  9. I was thinking a base shaper like a thin hardcover book to give it more form.
  10. i stuff plastic carrier bags into mine to keep it full when its in its dustbag, i should have kept all the the stuffing paper that came with it originally!
  11. I put stuffed toys, small pillows, and sometimes empty tissue boxes inside my bags to keep its shape.
  12. yep, tissue paper does the job!
  13. or bubble wrap
  14. A cardigan does the trick for me, since I'm always cold in the air conditioning it serves a dual purpose! :smile: