How to Justify CLs?

  1. Let me just say I'm not asking negatively.

    I LOVE the shoes. Love. They're so hot that if it's legal to have polyamorous relationship with shoes, I so would with CLs.

    I was raised thinking $100 in any clothing item is expensive. That thought process has improved a bit. I bought a pair of Manolo and I already feel like I can't go back to even ~$150 shoes.

    The only justifications I can come up with are that they're so purty and from the one time I tried on a CL peep toe that was a size too big, I thought they're pretty comfy (granted that could be cuz they were big and I didn't walk).

    But I can't help thinking that I can get relatively good non-CL shoes for about $300-400, which would mean that I would be paying another $500 just for the red soles. And I can't seem to justify the thought of getting $800+13% tax shoes when they're the one thing that will definitely touch the floors of public bathrooms. Plus I have a tendency to scrape the back of my heels on stairs or chair legs (I'm clumsy that way) which is why I never used to buy nice shoes.

    I told the one friend who I thought might understand about the Manolo and my contemplating some CL, and she seems to think I'm doing retail therapy and not happy with my life with my relatively sudden love of brands!

    I'm not rich, but I certainly make enough that I can afford a pair. So, I need your help. How do you justify getting these shoes?
  2. I've too come from a background of frugal spending: If I ever told my mom now much I actually paid for those Cole Haans she got for X-mas, she just might throw them at me! :lecture: However, I think it just comes down to what you enjoy and what actions you take to enjoy your life, as happiness has no value.

    There are those who spend lavishly on cars, jewelry, houses, purses, etc, and that is what makes them happy. I've had a person say (similar to what you'd pointed out above), "Why would you buy something like that to WALK on?" and continue with "At least with diamonds, it will retain its value." Well, the value is self-defined.

    Ultimately, I justify buying CLs because they make me happy. If you ever find yourself choosing between buying two things, make like a scale and see which weighs more to your desire... and then BUY it! :love:
  3. Well, I certainly cannot help you. I just bought my first pair and still think they are too expensive (they costed me around $610 ). I wanted to tell you that you are not the only one who feels this way. But hey, occasional CL indulgance won't hurt, right?
  4. I think it's the same as buying an expensive purse, or expensive sunglasses, or even more expensive clothes. A $50 purse will hold your stuff as well as a $500 one, a pair of $80 sunglasses will shade your eyes like a $300 pair, a $10 t-shirt covers you up just like a $100 one, but you're paying for better quality (hopefully- and in some cases, the name), and the individual look or style. Christian Louboutin shoes are handmade- so you're also paying for the labor. It takes them time to make each individual shoe- and like artists, they are paid for their craft.

    I buy most of my CLs on sale or on eBay- I rarely ever pay retail. I also will only buy pairs of CLs (and shoes in general) that have the "WOW" factor- any shoe of his that I think I could purchase the same look elsewhere for cheaper, I don't buy. Not worth it to me. But any shoe that makes me feel like a million bucks, I'm all for it.
  5. If you really want a pair, I suggest buying one. Just one to start out with. Maybe try to get them on sale. The ones I just bought were about $700 off the original price. See if you really love them or if all you can think about is how guilty you feel about spending that much on a pair of shoes. I think a lot of it boils down to how much you love them. If you are crazy about them and don't know how you ever lived without them, then it was definitely worth the money. I'd say they would be worth it even if you just really like them and think they make you look even sexier. But it isn't worth it if all you can focus on is the price you paid and not the shoe. If you love the shoe but not the price, you could always wait for a special occasion. Maybe get yourself a pair for your birthday or a new promotion. Or even just to celebrate how fabulous you are. ;)
  6. If you have reservations about the cost (and this is understandable), I would purchase a starter pair on sale. I am certain you will find a pair that you like at a reduced price come summer and then you'll feel better about the expense. I must say that I have been rather disappointed with CL quality- I just returned some shoes because the area around the sole was cracked. In addition to that, the area around the heel looked ragged and uneven, and I could see glue buildup in two areas on the same shoe. I would say that the styles are gorgeous, but the quality needs a major overhaul. That's why I think you should try a beginning pair on sale as an easy transition into the cost.
  7. If you have the money to purchase them, you like them and they are comfortable then buy them. If you don't like them, don't. I have some I have purchased on sale and two that I got with a special promotion so I got some $ off of the purchase price. My next 3 pair will be full price, though I should get a Saks ecg card with 2 of them. I justify them because I have finally found a very high heel brand that has styles that are very comfortable to me. I like the polished look and I never was a woman who would wear a painful shoe because it looked good. That is how I justify them.
  8. I agree! They make me happy, so I buy them. And really there are other things people spend money on that I'd never care to buy. My brother has probably spent much more than I have on shoes on his huge TV and Play Station and all that stuff, and I could care less to have any of that.
  9. I'm like you - which is why I've been looking for a plain, black basic pair of pumps on sale that I could wear every day for work. I figure if I am going to spend that much on a pair of shoes, I'd better find a pair that I can wear all the time.

    My first pair came in a couple days ago, and while I bounced around excited to finally get a pair of CLs, my husband just looked at them and said, "They look just like a pair of your other, far CHEAPER shoes." And I have to admit he is right. Asides from the signature red sole (which he said you couldn't really even see), they DID look a lot like other shoes half the price. But in my head, they are far better... (yes I know it's all mental)...and that's all the matters, right? :smile:
  10. High heels make me feel powerful. The higher the heel, the more powerful I feel. Case. Closed.
  11. I know how you feel. I come from working class parents and never had expensive or designer items until 2-3 years ago. My family dont own anything expensive and would probably drop dead of shock if they ever knew how much I spent on certain things. I felt exactly as you did at first. But the way I feel about it now is that, for me it's not just buying a pair of shoes, it's a lifestyle choice. I dont care for expensive cars or diamond jewellery. What does it for me is shoes and that's where most of my wardrobe money goes. I mostly wear mid-priced clothing with completely fabulous designer shoes and I love it. It's my choice.

    Some people spend $500 on one dress. Some spend $1000 on a bracelet. That doesn't do it for me like CLs :love:
  12. I feel the same way! The most expensive things I have bought are coach bags, and even those I got on sale!

    I sure wish I knew when and where to get some CLs on sale!
  13. As others have said, everyone spends their money differently. I am a believer in buying what makes you happy as long as you can afford it and not sacrifice necessities and savings.

    That being said, if you are already buying Manolos, the price point is quite similar so the jump won't be that bad. I tend to buy 'classic' styles of CLs since they are the most practical for me and the price per wear is decent if I can wear them for a couple of years at work. I noticed you're in Canada as well... you can get some of his classics like the Simples for $550. They are not all $800+.
  14. I have more or less stopped to try justifying my purchases.
    If hubby, mom, friends would know the cost of these shoes and the number I purchased I would be in trouble even if it's my money I am spending.

    I come from a rather wealthy backround but what you would probably call old money, so yes spending that much on a Burberry coat a pair of ridingboots etc...would be fine as they are "essentials" and you get a lot of use out of them but CL's don't count as essentials.

    I gave up my job a couple of years ago to follow my husband down here I am a sahm and don't need to dress up so I can't justify these purchases but they make me feel better about myself, prettier, more in tune and not as disconnected from the "real" world...I know it's superficiel etc....but it's me:upsidedown::shame:
  15. I've never had a problem justifying a CL purchase ... the quality is superb, the design is like no other, and I usually only buy a pair under retail.

    I stalk eBay ... I'm a CL predator. It's a huge rush, and kind of like a hobby for me. I got a pair of black decolletes NIB for $300 ... so the deals are out there if you really want them.

    Plus, no sales tax on eBay or online shopping.