How to include several quotes in one post?

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  1. Sometimes it's easier to just bundle a lot of quotes up and answer/comment on them all in one post, but how do I do that? I see several people do this, but can't figure it out, LOL TIA:smile:
  2. You open one thread in two browser windows/tabs. In window #1, click on the Post Reply button, in #2 click on the quote button of the first reply you want to quote, copy the entire editor contents into #1, then click back and click on "Quote" for the next comment you want to respond to, copy and paste it into #1 (after the first pasted text), and so and so forth - until you have all the replies quoted that you wanted to respond to.

    In the end, write your response(s) at the beginning/end/between the quoted posts in the #1 window/tab and hit Submit. Voila!
  3. Got it! Thanks, Vlad:smile: