How to identify the leather and season of a boy bag?


May 21, 2014
Hello all,
Need your help to solve my mystery. I recently purchased a pre-loved boy bag from a consignment store here in Canada. The bag came with everything including the original receipt and authenticity card but not the tag. The serial number starts with 22XXXXXX which I have found out is made in 2016. But without the tag how will I be able to tell what season its from and what type of leather it is? The entrupy authenticity card shows lambskin/calfskin. Pictures of the bag in question is attached.Thanks

6D7F1ECC-1D69-456A-8DC2-D506AED3C0F3.jpeg BBF3C1FF-07FF-4192-9F12-0E9D8F083790.jpeg
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