How to identify a Ralph Lauren bag... HELP please!

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  1.[/IMG]Hi y'all, need a bit of assistance from the handbagistas of infinite purse-knowledge. My better half has a Ralph Lauren handbag that I can't find any info on! I know we bought it at a 'collection' store, and think it was around $800... but beyond that... no idea HOW to describe it. She never uses it, thus wants to sell it onward. I normally have luck finding info on bags we're selling but this one I'm just coming up BLANK. Any ideas?



    Any guidance GREATLY appreciated! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
  2. I'm not really sure how to describe it either. The bag is very pretty.
    How long is the strap? Will it go across the body? If so, possibly a sling bag.
    Maybe do a search on eBay or google for a similar bag and get ideas.

    Good luck!
  3. That's what's been so difficult. I'm very good at google-haystacking and haven't found a thing. Just many references to other 'Lauren bags. The strap isn't long enough to go across the body... it's definitely a shoulder bag.

    Thank you! If I do find a better description I'll post what I dug up in hopes it helps someone. I just wish I could find ANYTHING on it.
  4. Occasionally I sold old models of bags when I was starting out on eBay and couldn't find the names no matter how hard I hunted. In the end, I listed and said that despite my best efforts, I didn't know the name and gave a full description of the bag plus masses of photos (yours are great). It never seemed problematic and once a buyer told me the name of the model as she had been searching for one for years and we revised the listing together!