how to hire household(house kepping) help

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  1. I did not know where to put this so I am putting it here.
    due to certain unavoidable reasons I am not able to care for my house as much as I should. I really fail to do dishes most of the time till we start eating out of disposables vaccuming is becoming a luxury. I was willing to hire some help. I had no clue where to start looking for and how to ascertain that the person I hire has not been involved in any criminal activity in other words is not a sex offender or a criminal. Pls do not think me to be a pranoid but I am really scared at exposing my home to an entirely unknown person. I was sure that ladies arround here may have some experience into how to hire household help. And what precautions to take and what look for etc etc.
    pls pls pls ladies do help.
    thanks a ton in advance
  2. ask friends and neighbors.
    I use a cleaning woman once a week and she is my life saver.SHe cleans all my floors,bathrooms...even uses a ladder to get high ledges dusted.
    she brings her 18 yr old son to help once in a while and i swear they have become like family over the years!IM LUCKY!
    I got her thru a friend...and make sure u ask all your friends in the area
  3. I agree word of mouth is the best. I also think you get a more real opinion when you ask people you know. I don't think I could let just any person into one of my homes. Also, do background checks before hiring anyone. You'd be surprised how many people have a criminal record.
  4. Another word-of-mouth supporter (^(oo)^)v
  5. I found my cleaning lady through my neighbor. Both of us use her and she's great.
  6. I got mine through a referral from a competitor service I'd contacted but turns out they didn't cover my area.

    I've been with them nearly 10 years (through two different homes) and they have been wonderful. They do drug/background screens on all their workers and they are always at my house in teams of two. I occasionally have worked from home while they are here to say hi and thanks and check them out - no problems or worries whatsoever.

  7. I agree...ask your friends for recommendations.
  8. I "inherited" my maid from my family when I got married, unfortunately she retired last summer. I think a recommendation from a neighbor or family is best.
  9. We found ours through my SIL. She has been cleaning her house for more than 10 years and is a wonderful lady! She comes to our house once a week and is VERY trustworthy. Most of the time we are not even home when she is cleaning. Maybe ask a neighbor or friend or family member to find someone that they know is trustworthy. Good luck!
  10. There are also licensed services. I guess I'm just paranoid because my mother has had two cleaners steal from her over the years. One ring she got back but not the other one.
  11. hallo every thanks for your reply. I too would love to have had some from friends but unfortunately most of my friends are not that worked up so only a few use cleaning service and those who use do not live any where arround. Our family is mosly in north carolina or in michigan no one here in Atlanta. I wanted to carry on my search through craigs list or through licensed services any input as to how to proceed with it would be great.
    thanks for your advice ladies
  12. Ditto, that's how we found ours as well.
  13. Maybe you could ask work colleagues for a recommendation.
  14. ^ That's a good idea. I agree with those that said word of mouth is the way to go.

    My mother has been using the same houskeeper for yrs and she was recommended by a friend of hers. She's amazing, and always does a thorough job. Now that I've moved out, she cleans my place once a week too.
  15. Anusa, I think it depends on just what you're looking for in a cleaning person.

    Many people who only need it done one a month or once a week use a service. In the US, we have a great many national franchises that do this. They should be bonded, and they usually come in groups of 2, 3, or 4 people. They get the job done, and are out of your house in no time.

    If you want someone more often, or the same person every week, word of mouth is an excellent method to use. If you don't know anyone with a housekeeper to share, try a few of your local churches. In hard times like this, churches often have outreach programs to help parishioners find jobs. You could also call your county's social services office.

    Be sure to check out any references you're given, and do a criminal background check. They're available online for a fee.

    Hope this helps.