How to Hide False Eyelash Seam?

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  1. I've been experimenting with false eyelashes. I haven't gotten it perfect yet (not exactly even and still a bit messy with the glue). Anyhow, can someone suggest a liner to use to hide the seam from the false lashes? Should I be using eye shadow powder or a liquid liner? Which is the easiest way to conceal the seam? Also, if you can recommend some brands that would be great! TIA!
  2. to hide the lash seam, i use both liquid and gel liner. of course you could do the same thing using only the liquid, but gel liners are just easier for me to use :P.

    i start off by lining my upper lid with my bobbi brown gel liner before applying the falsies. i make sure the line is decently thick so any little errors in placement i make with the lashes aren't too evidence. after the lashes have set/dried, i go over the seam with a liquid liner with a thin brush (i use YSL's) so that it can get between all the little nooks and crannies.

    and i like to use half strips because they're easier to apply, look more natural, and you have less seam to deal with :tup:.
  3. I use liquid liner, just because usually when I'm wearing false lashes, I'm going out for the night. And when I go out I want that little extra dramatic look going on and I think liquid liner gives me that.

    I just use a thin eyeliner brush to apply it over the seam of the lashes and along my lid.
  4. I find that liquid liner works best because it covers better.
  5. i prefer to use asian false lash brands because they come with a solid seam (rather than an 'invisible' band like ardell, etc.) which basically doubles as eyeliner! this way i never feel like i am gooping on layers of gel liner and i don't have to worry about hiding those little white/transparent dots along the lash line.
  6. are you putting eyeshadow on first before you put on your lashes? sometimes the color from the eyeshadow can get on the lashes and highlight the seams if that makes sense.

    otherwise, mascara and eyeliner over the seams.
  7. Where can I find Asian false lashes? I would like to give them a try.
  8. I've never put on false lashes myself, so if anyone has quick tips for putting them on, I'm all ears!

    But when I have worn them, the SA at Nordstrom used Bobbi Brown gel liner before putting the lashes on, and then again as a touch up after the glue dried. They looked fabulous and stayed on til I took them off!
  9. i usually buy mine from the various asian beauty supply stores in my area but i found this link for the same brand:

    i prefer KMA3 or KMA5 but all of them look surprisingly natural on! :yes:

    hope this helps!

  10. put on eyeliner on your upper eyelids like you would anyday. Apply eyelash glue to the eyelashes, wait about 30 seconds (40 to be exact) until the stuff is tacky and then match the eyelashes with the liner. adjust before it gets more tacky. press on and then your done!

    doesnt matter if they are too close to your lash line or far as long as they cover the eyeliner it will look good!! good luck
  11. Personally I always put the strip to as close to my lash line as possible. Sometimes I do it so well, it blends in perfectly and that I don't need eyeliner. The times I don't do it as well I simply add a thin line of eyeliner after I put my lashes on.
  12. Liquid liner works for me!
  13. Thanks for the responses. Looks like I have to pick up some liquid liner now! Let's just hope I don't make too much of a mess...
  14. I think liquid eyeliner is the best for the falsies.
    To hide the glue or the difference of my real eyelashes and the fake ones, I use liquid eyeliner on the bottom of the fake eyelashes.
    BUT If I feel like going heavy on the eyeliner that night, then I put it on top of the fake eyelashes.
    For the most natural look, I would go for light eyeshadow on your eyelid right above the falsies.
  15. are you applying the lashes on top of your lash line or underneath? i use to put them on top of my lash line until i watched this guy on oprah put them on this woman. he cut the lash strip in half and put it under the lash line. i find that it looks more natural under the lash line but it took me awhile to learn how. cutting the strip in half really helps with the application