How to help my new LV's handles?

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  1. I just purchased a Speedy 30. The handles had a spot on them, so the owner used the MC eraser on them. This dried the handles, so she then used lotion on them. This in turn darkened the handles a bit. Now, my question for you is, in order to get a patina, should I use anything else on it? The patina can get darker, but should I spray it with a gaurd for rain, or condition it with anything?

    Here's a picture:

  2. the patina looks pretty nice already, just use it normally
  3. You wouldn't try to protect it from rain drops? I don't want it to develop the icky dirt brown "patinas" that some on eBay have:cry:
  4. nope

    usually a well develop patina on the purse means that you dont have to worry so much about rain, cause the dark patina will prevent the waterspots
  5. Thanks! Last thing...should i try to lighten up the dark portion any more?
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