How to Have Perfect Mascara Every Time: Xtreme Secrets Revealed!

  1. As a Christkwanhanukeidstice gift, I will reveal to you all the most arcane and carefully guarded secrets of Mascara Applicationology, in case you missed it in the mascara thread.

    Secret 1 is: whatever mascara you think is best, that's the best one for you. With regard to color, if you are a dark-eyed brunette, royal blue mascara is best for you. If you have not tried it, you are in for some delightful amazement. If you are a fair-skinned blonde, with very pale lashes, get brown mascara. It may look brown in the tube, but it will look like black on your eyes. Everybody in the middle can stick with plain old black.

    So obtain some mascara, and put it in a safe place, so it will be there when you get back from Sally's.

    Secret 2 is: Go to Sally's, and buy a package of mascara brushes. If you are in a hurry, just ask the lady, and she will tell you where they are, or go get them for you. They come 10-12 in a pack for about $3. Unless you already have one, while you are out, obtain a 10X magnifying mirror.

    Secret 3: Return home and assemble all the ingredients:

    Your mascara of choice
    A clean mascara brush
    Kleenex or scrap of toilet paper
    10X magnifying mirror
    pointy Q-tips

    Secret 4: Application finally begins. Open your mascara and pull out the brush like you always do, but this time, wipe the tip off with your Kleenex.

    Looking into your 10X magnifying mirror, touch the brush gently to your upper lashes, as close to the line where lash meets skin as you can get it, and wiggle the brush from side to side little bit. Do this to both the top and bottom of your upper lashes.

    IMMEDIATELY grab your clean mascara brush, put it at the base of your lashes, and brush out to the tips. This distributes the mascara evenly, and you will notice that any clumps will also be dispatched.

    Now once again pick up the mascara-laden brush that lives in your mascara, and without dipping it in again, touch the tip to your lower lashes, once again as close to the roots as you can get it. Starting at the inner corner of your eye, very gently and lightly sweep the point of the brush across the roots of your lower lashes, barely touching them, all the way to the outer corner, then

    IMMEDIATELY grab your clean mascara brush, and just like you did with your upper lashes, brush from root to tip to distribute the mascara and vanquish clumps.

    If there are any little specks or splatters anywhere other than your lashes, touch them with the point of a pointy Q tip as soon as they happen.

    Now look at your eyes in a regular mirror. You will appear to have suddenly developed naturally long, thick, black lashes.

    If it does not look like mascara in the 10X magnifying mirror, it is not going to look like mascara to anybody who looks at you, no matter how close they get or how hard they try to find evidence that you have applied any mascara, thus if you wish to tell people that you never use mascara, you may do so with confidence. (Unless anybody takes a rag and nonconsensually commits eye-wiping upon you, in which case you might consider a milieu upgrade).
  2. great advice ShimmaPuff! i read your suggestion about getting clean mascara wands at Sally's in a previous post and decided to try it. brilliant! i love the results.

    and i love how you put Eid in the massive holiday greeting ;)
  3. I've gotta try this!! I love nice, thick, long eyelashes (which I dont have) so everything helps!

    thanks for the tips!
  4. wowwwwwwwwwwww those are some detailed instructions!
    your so sweet! thanks for sharing!!! long lashes - every girl's dream!!!
  5. Thanks! I'm so going to try this!
  6. thanks for posting. I'm heading to Sally's to get the brushes, sounds great.
  7. forgot "Curl your lashes first"
    anyhoo, I thought the basics of Mascara Application that you covered were commonsense, no?
  8. Thank you! That's great advice.

    As to curling our lashes, I finally figured out, after years and years of curling mine, that I can apply my mascara much better when I do NOT curl. :shrugs: This may not be the case for others, though...
  9. Thanks for the great advice! I've had that clumping problem as far as I can remember, not even the eyelash comb helped. Once I got the mascara wands, that problem was solved! Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the advice!! :smile:
  11. royal blue mascara...any names of brands you could give me? thanks!!
  12. It is an honor to be able to pass along this simple tip.

    Coach Superfan, you make a good point, but like everybody else, I was trained from birth to think that I could pick up a brush whose life was spent saturated with mascara, and like the TV ads, brush it on and expect not only an absence of clumps, but perfect and natural looking eyelashes. When somebody finally shared this little dollop of common sense with me, I was already well into my twenties, and very happy to learn about it, even as I slapped my head a la Chris Farley.... ;)

    As for whether and at what stage of lash activities curling should take place, I will leave that debate to the curlers. There are those who swear by it, and those who, like me, do not perceive a real and tangible benefit, and strong opinions on all sides of which curler, when and how. It's a topic that deserves its own thread!

    stlove, the royal blue I use is called Great Lash, made by Maybelline, and I get mine at Wal-Mart for about $3.
  13. I'm definitely going to try it over the weekend, thanks for sharing. ^^
  14. Thanks for the tip!:yes:
  15. Thanks for the tip!