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  1. bi all,
    Need a little help. Sold a bag Sunday afternoon to someone who just joined that day-and 0 feedback.

    Tonight will make 48 hours that she hasn’t paid. I’m exhausted from giving buyers chance after chance and just wondering what the process to relist it after no payment for 48 hours.

  2. Open a non-payment dispute as soon as you're able and close it 4 days later, giving her the strike.

    Making buyers gets strikes is the only way that ebay gets it on record that they're deadbeats. If you cancel, there's no consequence to the buyer(s) and that just encourages them to keep doing it.
  3. I opened up a non paying disputes so that she can get a strike. I also added some filters for future buyers. Will relist tomorrow night. This might sound crazy but I had several offers on the bag which I declined for being too low. Because of all the crazy eBay stories, I almost wonder if she was one I declined and she just came up with a new name to bid and not pay. She had joined eBay that day and had zero feedback, bid, and hasn’t been heard from again....
  4. You've done the right thing but what I don't get is what is wrong with these people? Why? Have they seriously got nothing better going on in their lives?
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  5. I know. Now I have to write in the description that I had a npb so that when theyvsee the same bag back again they know why. Ugh!!
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