How to handle teachers who ignore playground safety?

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  1. The school my dd goes to has been a huge let down for me. The only reason I have both kids there is because of their French Immersion program (and we won't be there next year). So, I thought I could handle the rest of the next few months.

    I took my dd and her friend to the school playground earlier today (waiting for my ds to get out of afternoon class). While my dd and her friend were playing, I notice 3 teachers sitting perched on top of a small hill, enjoying one anothers company. All three were oblivious to their students on the ground below. They are required to watch them (we are talking 5-6 year olds).

    So, I first witness a child pick up a rather large rock and toss it at another kid's head. It missed. He does this again but to a different kid. Of course I realize that the teachers are so engaged in conversation, that I sprint to the middle of the play area to stop a potential dangerous situation. I tell the kids that their behaviour is dangerous and could hurt someone. I glance over my shoulder to a crying sound and 5 boys are tackling one little guy who has apparently lost his shoe. It seems as though someone took it off his foot and was tormenting him. Well, actually they were ganging up on this little guy. So, again I rush over to resolve the situation. Only to turn around again to spot a young girl punching a little boy in the stomach. Needless to say, I was the referee for the entire playground.

    These teachers are required to be safety and guidance for the students. I was so disappointed with the lack of supervision by these 3 teachers. I walked up to one in particular (she teaches my dd in the mornings). I told her what I saw, and she said, well show me the proof. I stood there as though what she said was a joke. I firmly said, Mme, I’ll find the rock and take it to the office. I told her that so many other things were going on, that had she been watching; these kids would be much safer. I don’t know what to do, since she has been known to take out her problems on my little girl. (We have been having issues with this teacher since day one). I got home and received an email from my dd’s teacher stating that the kids told her that a plastic toy was being thrown around, not a rock.

    Guys, I am so going to lose my mind, any ideas as to how I can handle this without causing further grief for my dd or myself. I am at a loss at what I witnessed , and even more so, at the blasé attitude from the teachers. What would you do or say? I can't just walk away knowing that next time a child could be seriously injured. Why are people in positions to teach if they have no desire to keep our kids safe, even when it is recess time?:wtf:

  2. Bumping for advice.
  3. I have to say this is the risk that one takes when dealing with private schools and plus you actually have to pay money for your child to go there. This is my dillema now, public school where everything is scrutinized and could end up on the evening news, or private where teachers are paid less and things get easily "swept under the carpet". I would be very angry if I were you , as these are the people you trust with your child's life and to witness this must have been upsetting.
  4. I have been a preschool teacher for over 12 years...I have taken a break and am a nanny now just for the reasons you have stated above. I was sick of working with other teachers who sat on their butts while I was running around a playground by myself!! IMO I would go straight to a director and tell them what you saw...and if you really want them to pay attention tell them you are thinking of pulling your children if nothing changes!! I have actually thought about starting a thread that lets parents like yourself ask me all you wanted/needed to know about pre-schools/private schools. I have worked for both privately owned and corporate.

  5. They aren't in a private school. It's public.
  6. I would go straight to the principal!!
  7. wow ! I am sure this can happen in any situation ! I wish I had better advice. My child hasn't started school yet but these are the things that I fear !
  8. I STRONGLY beleive a parent shouldnt hesitate when it comes to their childs safety.Go to the head of the school...and make sure they know of this teacher who is nasty.
    if nothing is seriuosly consider removing my child from this school.

    I despised my daughters middle school last year.had seriuos issues.I went to the head of ALL schools in my town..and nothing was done.I ended up paying BIG money for a private school.Guess what?Its the BEST thing I EVER did.My daughter does things at her school she NEVER would have done in public school.She is going to stay there thru high school(even if it IS costing more than a college tuition to send her there)Its truly the most important decision I ever made.
    I did it because my daughter was unhappy...u need to ask yourself if u think your daughter is HAPPY there as well.but if I were u ,id b stomping my feet and making sure the head of that school knew your safety concerns.Kids r precious and we are all they have to protect them!
  9. Maybe you can pick a rock up and toss it in the teachers' direction. that will get their attention!

    Seriously, I don't blame you for being upset. I was a substitute teacher who worked almost daily for the same class everyday. I stayed in the middle of them all the time because I was so scared that one would get hurt cause they were always picking up gravel and tossing it; and the teachers were oblivious to it.

    I was always told, "that's what kids do", they are just having fun. Yea right, until someone gets hurt. :boxing:

    These were 4-5 yr olds.
  10. From your post about French Immersion, I am going to assume that your child is in school in Canada...please correct me if I am wrong. I am a public school teacher in Vancouver. This is totally wrong. I would go straight to the administration if I were you. Teachers are responsible for the safety of students under their care and in BC (not sure if that is where you are or not), we are LIABLE if something happens to a student while they are under our supervision. These teachers were acting in a negligient manner, if the situation is as described. Since you already tried to approach the teacher and discuss your concerns yet were brushed off, I would file a formal complaint with the administration.
  11. i think the answer iMO is to remove them from there and take them elsewhere. safety of my child and how the teachers care for my child is my main priority. i realise we always compromise something when we give our children in the care of others (one of my main issues really) but safety and happiness of my child are number 1.

    if you feel the teacher will take it out on your child - either go to the principal like others suggested, or find another place. I don't think you have any other options.
  12. You have to e so carful not to label your child.I had a run in with my daughters teacher an things have never been the same since. The following day after i had the run in my daughter got sent out the class for talking This was the 1st time in 2 years this had happened so i when she told me i ran the headteacher an said i wasn't going to accept this happening the day after. This is what happens though so you need to be carful it does happen to your child.

  13. Many thanks to everyone who posted. I needed some feedback. Yes^ to the above and Yes^ we are in Vancouver. I have several close friends that are in the district, teaching. I left the rock with the main office at school. I also talked to several PAC (Parents Advisory Council) individuals that mention our principal has already informed certain people that she is leaving. I have an appointment to speak with my dd's teacher today and get some answers. I'll post it here, as this thread has been very helpful to me mentally.

    Thank you again for posting.