How to Haggle UP!

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  1. Now I can haggle a price down with no problem at all :P.

    But I've an offer on Bonanzle that I need to haggle UP!
    And I can't think how to do it without losing the sale :rolleyes: (bear with me, it's a bit early in the morning for my brain)

    I listed on *bay as I AM desperate to sell something. Got a couple of offers from this person that were automatically dismissed.

    The auction ended with no sale and then this person emailed me with a new offer of $1500. I directed her to Bonanzle.

    BIN is $1850. He/She has now offered $1450. I paid the equivalent of $2150 for it a few months ago :Push:

    I WANT MORE! But I DO want to sell.

    How can I word a counter offer nicely so she still buys, but we are both happy?
  2. Kindly explain that you paid a lot more for this bag, and recently too, but that you are willing to let it go for less than your BIN, just not as low as they offered.
  3. ita!
  4. Thank you, but I've just looked at my original email to her and I think I may have shot myself in the foot.

    When she originally emailed me with the $1500 offer I did say I was "interested in her offer". DOH!

    I'm just gonna have to suck it up aren't I? Live and learn.
  5. Being interested is not saying YES! Stick to your guns. It's yours to sell at what you are comfy with.
  6. ^^I agree.
  7. Come back with the difference between your BIN and the buyers offer, if you're wiling to accept something less than your BIN and would take $1650 for the item.

    Personally, for an item costing $2150, I'd consider a BIN of $1850 to be reasonable to a bit high (don't know what the item is, so there are certainly mitigating factors here) but $1650 would be more than reasonable.

    It's not a negotiation unless you counteroffer. You have to weigh how much you want to sell against how high your counteroffer is, but a good negotiator will ALWAYS lowball on the first go. If you're a weak negotiator, the buyer gets a deal...if you're a strong negotiator, you'll offer a price more in line with what they ACTUALLY think is a reasonable offer.
  8. Kristin - Good point re the semantics ;)

    It's an 08 Chanel bag. Hardly used.
    Trouble with pricing is I bought it in Yen, I work in sterling and the exchange rate has made it confusing for me to convert them all to USD :Push:

    I like your suggestion and will go with that. Thank you very much :heart:
  9. I'd say that a discount of a little more than $300 for an excellent condition, but used bag is fair. The buyer definitely came in a little low at $1450, but if they're a reasonable person and are actually attemping a negotiation, they will pretty much expect you to split the difference between their (low) offer and your (slightly high) asking price.

    Negotiation is a fine art, but she definitely came in low and nothing obligates you to accept that low offer just because you expressed an interest in an offer in that range. The item sells for what the seller is willing to sell for in the end.

    Good luck!
  10. She started at $1200 on *bay... I'll counteroffer and see what happens. Wish me luck!
  11. Ugh, this reminds me of what's happening to me on *bay!
    I had this happen a couple of times...I also had/have an LE LV bag I paid $3600+tax for and only gently used at 2 LV parties. So I listed it at a $2995 BIN because the other two listed were at $3600 and $3000 BINs at the time. Then one day I checked my offers (I have the auto reject set up) and saw that my one and only offer was for $1500. :faint:
    From then, I just took the best offer option off.

    But last night I listed this Juicy charm I've never worn...paid $62, similar ones have ended in the last 2 days for $41 and a BIN for $49, so I set my BIN/OBO to $49 and free shipping. I got an offer for $30. So I countered with $40 and added a polite note about how two others had just ended at the prices I just mentioned.
    She countered me again with a $35 offer!
    So I countered her with a $39 offer, we'll see if she accepts. Probably not. UGH.

    I agree with the others though, just because you mentioned you were interested in her offer doesn't mean that you're going to accept it. Just be kind in your messages and let them know what your absolute bottom line is (the lowest you'll accept). I always explain why I have things priced why I do (i.e. condition) and if buyers don't agree, they don't have to buy.
  12. Update:

    So, I counteroffered on 2nd Feb. NO RESPONSE at all :cursing:. Not even a counter-counteroffer.

    Now, I'm a stubborn cow, so I don't want to sell to her at her original low price offer :rolleyes:.

    My Bonanzle booth is still showing an Open Negotiation, but as far as I can see, that isn't shown to other prospects? I've only looked by not logging on, so am not sure if this is seen when other people are logged on...

    Anyway, I think I should cancel this counteroffer. Anybody know what happens when I do this? Will an email be sent to her? I know someone else is interested in it but doesn't have anywhere near the money at the moment.

    Am getting so frustrated trying to sell my stuff :crybaby: Means I can't go shopping :tdown:. Been on Bonanzle for 4 months and nada.

  13. ^^^ Bump?
  14. Expat.. you may be dealing w/ a buyer who was not that serious in the first place, just looking for a bargain... and when no bargain came, she moved on...??
  15. Yep, she's not comin' back. Either lower the price or be patient or both.