How to go about reporting an ebay seller who sells fake Tiffany?

  1. I came across this seller when I was searching for a shirt (they also sell -fake- clothing!). I have never reported a fake before, but I would feel really bad for someone who bought from this site thinking it's authentic. What is the most effective way to do this on eBay?
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  3. hi! i too have come across the same thing, there is a way to do it i think in the actual auctions under report this seller you can then go on to detail what you are reporting them for etc...

    i know i've seen people buying obviously fake bracelets paying a couple of hundred Australian for them!!! when they're $350 in the stores it just seems such a waste of money!!!
  4. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the listing and click on "Report this Item" underneath the "Other Options" heading.
  5. If they are selling it as being from Tiffany, or being made by Tiffany, you should definitely report it, and I would include as much information as possible, obviously, if you bought some of it, and found out from an appraiser that it is fake, you should include a scan of the appraiser's report, etc, or if it is something that you know Tiffany doesn't make and this could be easily confirmed by calling Tiffany and asking if they make one, etc.

    But if they are selling something that just looks like a popular Tiffany product, then there may not be anything that either eBay or Tiffany can do about it.

    For example, those silver charm bracelets with the little heart are being sold everywhere from Macy's to Wal-Mart and back again, and my speculation is that even Tiffany's legal department will have concluded it would be hard to claim that a silver link bracelet with a heart charm is such a unique and exclusive idea that only Tiffany can make them.
  6. Thank you for all of the replies :smile:. I bought a shirt from this seller, which was said to be James Perse, but was missing 2 identifying tags, as well as not being the same material or cut of the authentic t-shirt. I was promptly refunded my money. So I went to check out her other auctions, and the jewelry is definitely a replica because it is stamped with "Tiffany", although the designs vary slightly. I also don't understand why one would buy a fake bracelet for a couple hundred dollars when the real ones are not much more ... not to mention the real ones are AUTHENTIC! I don't know if I'll report her, but it's really disappointing.
  7. I had to laugh the other day when I noticed someones selling a `Cartier` watch.....the only catch was that the seller wasnt sure if it was real or not. But, they still refered to it as a Cartier watch and put a $400 starting price on it!!!! Thats pretty expensive for a fake second hand watch. Not to mention that Im sure the seller knew exactly what she was selling!!!!!:cursing: