How to go about looking for housing?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I live in Queens, but want to move out into the city when I start work this summer. Since my parents are against this, I'm trying to get as much knowledge as possible as leverage.

    Where do I start? I've looked at sites such as NYT and Craigslist, but are there better real estate sites?

    I want to live midtown, either east or west, but I wouldn't mind living in the upper east side. Since I want to live by myself, I think a studio should be plenty enough for me, but I would really prefer a doorman for safety. Does anyone living in the region have any suggestions?

    Are there any realtors that you've had good experiences with? Any steals that the general public might not know about in your building? Or in any building in those areas? My friend suggested getting a broker first, is this important?

    I was looking at the Trump developments since I want it to be in a modern building. I saw a 395 sq. ft. studio at the 69th st. Trump Palace for under $500k. Since I have no reference to compare this price at, I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me whether this is a good deal or not. I've seen the floorplan and love the fact that it has lots of windows.

    Also, I'm equally looking at places for lease and for sale. So if anyone has any advice regarding buying/leasing real estate in general or particular modern developments that I should consider, please reply or PM me.

    Thank you so much in advance!
  2. check out, we've used them for TX, TN, OK, CA, etc. . . .
  3. A good friend of mine lived at the Windsor Court building which is at 151 E. 31st Street.

    She leased there for a long time and loved it. They have a doorman and her place had a killer view of the Chrysler Building. You can't beat the location either.

    (Mgt number for the building is 212-213-4580)
  4. This is a great time to start looking, if your work starts this summer. We took a very long time looking at numerous buildings as well as talking to brokers and doing lots of research online. The NY times has a great online realestate section, too.

    Definitely make a list of what you want to have in your building. Your taste is similar to my BFs...he likes the amenities and view, where as I thought the old, brick walk-ups were cute. Be sure to make a list of what you want: doorman, gym, garage, washer/dryer in unit, terrace, view, etc. Walking around the neighborhood and just asking the doorman for info. also helps. They may even give you a quick tour or call someone to show you the building. 395 sq.ft. is small and perfect for one person.

    Good luck with your search! I'm sure you will have an easier time than we did, since you are living there already and probably know the areas much better than us. It's quite an adventure living in Manhattan.
  5. Maybe you should go out and look with an agent? I know my friend in nyc did that even when she was looking to rent a place. But for buying, sometimes agents have access to more listings, or at least listings all in one place. If you're looking to buy, look at LOTS of places until you find something you love! Good luck!
  6. i've been using like swanky said. also specific realtor sites like or also work. :smile:

    oh holy mother of pearl.. i know OC is expensive.. and SF is more.. but for the love of GOD.. under $500k for a mere 395 sf?! :shocked: That better come with a full blown view of the city or something! I can't even imagine.. lol. the smallest I've seen here was at 502sf. i don't even know what 395sf looks like. goodness gracious you people in NYC are nutzzzzzz!
  7. when my sister got an apartment near astor place, she got it through an agent. she just didnt have time to look through all the ads and everything. you could try looking online at some real estate sites. i dont know if youre planning on renting or buying but and sotheby's realty are pretty huge... if you just walk in the areas that you want to live in, i am sure there are signs and ads for housing. hope this helps!
  8. The Glenwood owned buildings are where alot of first time renters go. They're mostly doorman buildings, have a great reputation for maintence, many other amenities and have locations throughout the city. I lived on one on 56th between 2nd/3rd and loved it. Good luck...
  9. Good luck :smile: I imagine it is much harder to actually find a place in NYC.

  10. My sister's family is looking for a 3 bedroom in Brooklyn - they are having a very hard time finding anything decent for under $800K - most of the properties are at $1mil. They may have to stay at their current apt for a bit longer.. lol. My jaw hits the floor when I hear those prices!!
  11. If you're looking for a doorman-ed building, your only option is a realtor -- I haven't heard of any doorman-ed building listing on CraigsList, because they have no reason to.

    Also, if you're looking to buy, you'll need a realtor. For the same reason as above.

    Any realtor you choose will be able to answer your Qs more thoroughly and concisely than most of us here on the board about the market in midtown Manhattan.
  12. Thank you so much guys! I'm sorry to be so MIA since posting this.

    My friend and I are still trying to finalize everything and I'm trying to get my parents over to my side of thinking.

    It's amazing isn't it, to consider 395 sq. ft. for under 500K cheap?! My friend just got a two bedroom for $1.56M...and that was supposed to be a deal...

    I'll look into more...I've tried it before but I found it to be a bit messy. And I never thought about just walking around the neighborhoods and checking out buildings! Thanks for all the help!