How to go about finding Sahara w/ GGH? Is Ebay my only hope?

  1. Hi all! I recently came across some gorgeous photos of a sahara city with GGH. Knowing that GGH is rare nowadays, I'm wondering how I can go about finding one? Are second hand vendors the only option or is there any chance a store would still carry this?

    Alternatively, if anyone has any suggestions for a similar color combo (w/ GGH) please let me know!! :smile:

  2. When I want to find a paticular bag, here is what I do.

    1. Contact a Bal boutique SA. A SA can check all US Bal boutiques stocks. If an other store has it, they can transfer it to the store you call or arrange to send it to you. Sometimes you will find unexpected old seasons' bags at Bal boutiques. They receive old seasons' bags from time to time.

    2. Contact authorized retailers' SA such as Barneys, BG, NM and Nordstrom. They can check their whole branches stocks, too. They sometimes find old season bags somewhere hidden in their stock rooms or warehouse.

    3. Contact reputable small retailers and online sellers.

    If you can't find it in US and don't mind to streach your search to Europe, you can contact EU Bals, EU authorized retailers and reputable small retailers. Bal Cannes and London are international customers friendly. They are good at email communication.

    Here is a link for reputable stores:

    And this is a link for recommended SAs:

    Good luck!