How to go about buying a CHANEL.

  1. I am currently in the process of buying a Chanel handbag but would like some assitance on how to go about it.
    Question time :angel:
    1. I am flying out to Hong Kong in December (from Sydney). Should I purchase the Chanel in Australia or Hong Kong?
    2. I am looking for a black with gold hardware PST or the next size up, the MST? Are these readily available in HK?
    3. Does anyone know the current prices for these bags in HK dollars?

    Thanks ladies, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There is no MST...just PST/GST.
  3. I'm wondering about prices in HK and Australia too since I'll be going there in November and I've been saving my money to go shopping. Any advice for myself and bissouxbissoux regarding prices?? :confused1:
  4. I'm living in HK and I can check the price for you if you want. Please let me know the full name of the item and the size.
  5. GST - Grand Shopping tote
    PST - Petite Shopping tote
  6. But I was told that price increase will be effective on 1 Nov in HK. So i think you may consider to buy in Aus now to beat the higher price.
  7. hey sorry to hijack thread, but i was also curious as to how much the pst is in hong kong?

    im going mid december and trying to figure out if its better to buy here before the price increase, or in hong kong after the price increase (but saving on the gst)
  8. Hi,
    Hong Kong has several excellent designer consignment stores, which I went to when I was there in March. One of these, Italy Station, has a large selection of Chanel. Very good quality but prices aren't all that cheap- still, they are cheaper than new. I'm not a Chanel expert, but I do know my Louis Vuitton, and I was very impressed with their range and authenticity. Definitely worth a visit. I remember Italy Station was upstairs, 9b Sharp St East (this is on the island). I'll try to look up the other addresses and will post them if I find them. If not, once you get to HK, all the shopping guides talk about these stores and give addresses. I'll see what I can find.rgds