How to glue split tassels

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  1. Ok I got my first bbag, my black city, today. While I love her I can't for the life of me figure out which tassels go where! :blink:

    Do the 3 long tassels go on the double zippers on top and one on the outside small zipper pocket? I notice I have two small tassels - are those supposed to go on the double zippers on top? No clue. Someone help me lol!
  2. sweetie the long tassels goes w/ all the zippers (except for the interior pocket) and the mirror, the smaller/shorter tassels goes w/ the zipper in the interior pocket;)
  3. Amour, thanks hon. I knew you would know LOL! Ok, so super long tassels on everything on the outside, one of the long ones on the inside mirror, and the shorty on the inside zipper.

    My tassels look kind of ratty, even the extras she gave me. How much is it to get brand new ones? I feel like ironing mine :=)
  4. hmmm I dont know how much it is but dont iron the tassels!!!! yikessssss......

    you can try calling Bal NY and ask, I think they can sell you a set;)
  5. I was just kidding!!! Maybe I could press them between something tonight to straighten them out. That's basically all they need!

    I can always buy a set later, no biggie. She's booootiful!
  6. Congrats on your new b-bag!!! Post pics!!! And did you get the tourquoise pouch/clutch??? (looking at your avatar) It's SOOOO pretty too!!!
  7. HI Jeannie! Yes, I have the clutch on the way. Here's my black city -->she's an 05 version :love: YUM! I can't believe how LIGHT these bags are despite the leather being so beautiful. My shoulder thanks me lol.

  8. I love your black City! Are these not just the best bags ever???
  9. ET yes they are! And I thought it would be huge but it couldn't be any more perfect sizewise. Amazing!!!!
  10. I have caught a few pics of Nicole Richie and it seems the only tassel she has showing is the long one in the front - the others seem to be gone. I'm considering taking mine off the double zippers, but what can I use on them to open the bag, the short ones that I have? Would that look ok? curious what you guys think.

    See what I mean? Her black one looks just like this too.
  11. Hey Girly!
    today on my city, I just left the tassle on the front zipper and only one on the main zipper. To me it looks better.
  12. It's possible that the tassels on the main zipper have flopped into the main compartment. Mine do that all of the time.
  13. Ah good call! That's what I'll do too. Thanks hon.:love:

  14. I think Nicole tuck the flaps on the sides in (along with the tassels). That's why we can't see any of the long tassels on her main zipper.
  15. Black city goes with everything! Grest buy!