How to get your child to take a PILL!?HELP!

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  1. Tay is 11 and everytime to takes a pill...I swear,she retches it up.She was always one of those kids with a sensitive gag reflex.
    She ended up in the ER with an asthma attack....she is taking nebulizer treatments at home and using inhalers.BUT SHE WONT TAKE THE PREDNISONE PILLS!!This is what she really needs to take.I have broken them up...crushed them in her fave yogurt and Im losing my patience!!!
    She only got down one pill(she needs 6 of them a day!!!!)sigh.....before she retched them up all over the couch..ugh.
    Prednisone,if u dont know,is quite possibly THE NASTIEST tasting stuff u ever I understand her urge to vomit..LOL...Im just so exhausted trying to figure out a way .I put them in reeses peanut butter cups,yogurt..u name it.
    ANYONE have a better suggestion????????PLEASE?????????????
    (Ive been up all night with her so Im tired and cranky...!!!!!!I just wanted to see if u guys had any more ideas?)
    Her dad is gonna get a liquid version but Im afraid that TASTES even worse.
    Im trying to symapathize here with her,cuz she is really sick,....very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey Jill I know they have a liquid prednisone and she can also crush the pills....Is she ok with liquid?
  3. You can also have the liquid flavored...I think she will like the liquid.
  4. Awww poor thing. When I was younger I was the same was like a mental thing for me-I was afraid I would choke. I could not get pills down! I bout drove my mom crazy because she was always trying to find ways to sneak the pills in something so I would be able to get it down without knowing it was in there. One thing that I can remember working is that she would put it in a big glass of water and I would close my eyes (went to my "happy place" lol) and just gulp it down in the biggest swallows I could take. That ended up working well for me; when I did that I didn't even feel it go down. I hope your daughter gets to feeling better and that you get rested up! Being tired and cranky is no fun...
  5. Jill...I feel for you. Both of my little ones are sick and I have slept 1 hour total all night.

    As for the pill, I think some people have a really super sensitive gag reflex. Heck, my DH is 33 and he STILL can't swallow pills. He needs liquid form for all medication! LOL!!!
  6. My siblings and I couldn't swallow pills until we were like 18- my mother always said she didn't have to worry about us taking drugs b/c we couldn't even swallow aspirin!

    I think the liquid is your best bet!
  7. Hmmm.... I forgot my CVS can flavor any meds.... I'm gonna have her dad call it in with grape flavor added.. Thanks for the ideas guys, I appreciate all your help!!
  8. Yeah the flavoring will help out a lot...Walgreens also flavors;)
  9. LOL....My doctor called and said she would have to take 12 TSP of the liquid PER DAY!!..she freaked!
    LMAO.....she ended up taking the pills broken in 4 pieces...PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. :roflmfao: There goes your solution!
  11. ^LMAO!I know,today she was like a pro taking her pills too!HEHE!

    Unfortunately,the prednisone still hasnt helped yet and the doctor said I gotta bring her back to the hospital on MONDAY if she doesnt improve!SIGH! POOR KID!
  12. Actually, I have heard the same thing about how you can ask the pharmacy to flavor liquid medicines for you for children. This seems like it might be your best bet.

    Poor baby - I feel sorry for her (and you, you poor Mama!). I gag on Flintstone vitamins, let alone prednisone!
  13. Yeah I am a pharmacy tech and whenever I see little children getting liquid..I asked the parents if they want it flavored.

  14. ohhh no:sad: I hope they find something that works for her...keep us updated
  15. I'm 39 years old and still can only swallow a tiny pill. I still have to get liquid antibiotics when I need them because there is no way that huge pill would ever go down my throat. Even tylenol is too big!