How to get used to buying a used bag?

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  1. I have never bought a used bag in my life. But I noticed that a lot of the older styles that I like that Coach doesn't make anymore, end up on Ebay...USED.

    How do you get over buying a used bag? It might be the bit of OCD I have in me that's like, how do I know it's clean? How do I know it's in "good condition?" I know I'm passing on a lot of good deals because of this, which is why I'm thinking of changing my habits. But how do I do this? :confused1:
  2. To be honest I do not know. For me I cannot carry a *used* bag. I have tried by finding a great deal on ebay, but even though they seem to be in excellent condition I cannot get over the fact that someone else has carried it. The smell, the small scratches, etc. are to much for me. I just would not actually use them so I resell them. So I gave up trying & just buy new.
  3. I haven't bought many used bags on *bay. Every time I have the seller claims it's in perfect barely used condition and it ends up arriving in less than great condition. I'm not opposed to snagging up a used bag. I've sold several of my "used" bags on *bay, I just wish I could find a seller than baby's their bags like I do! I guess I just don't have good luck.
  4. I don't like buying used just never know what these bags have seen or been through with previous owners. I'm sure there are a few people on the bay who give accurate descriptions of the bags they are selling, but it probably is not worth the least for me its not.
  5. I can't do it:tdown:I gotta know what's been done to a bag! I love them fresh from the ol' warehouse!
  6. I'm the same way, I can't buy used bags either. My issue is the whole clean thing. I even worry when I take my bags out and I have to put them down somewhere like even on the seat next to me in the movie theatre!
  7. I will buy used bags. I sell used bags too. Mine have usually only been used for a max of 6-10 times. Then if I don't like it for whatever reason I sell it on eBay since it would be totally uncool to return it.

    I've only had one problem with a used bag and the seller let me return it right away. Just ask for lots of piccys and get it authenticated.
  8. Don't feel bad, I don't feel comfortable buying a used bag either, no matter what condition the seller says its in I can't get over the idea someone else used it.
  9. I wouldn't mind buying a used bag in very good condition, with no major scuffs or wear. I would wipe the leather down with a damp cloth, let it dry, apply Apple conditioner. On the lining I would pull it out and spot clean any dirty spots but if it was too dirty then I wouldn't want the bag.
    I would be happy about the money I saved compared to new.
  10. Some people like myself can't get over the idea of buying used bags either. However, if you really want a vintage bag - most likely (as in all cases) it will be used. Personally, I hate buying anything used but I caved in half a year ago and bought a used book online because it's out of print and extremely rare. It arrived in a disgusting condition (rather than the very good condition) but I had no choice. Beggars can't be choosers - if you want something bad enough, you'll have take your chances with something used. :shrugs:
  11. i don't mind buying used bags, especially leather bags. i haven't bought any material or material lined bags, but leather tends to smell and look like leather across time. i :heart: my used hippie and i have a random tooled leather bag from the 70s i love! but i like new bags too.
  12. I couldn't get myself to buy a used bag... I hate the idea of getting something and being disappointed with it. I'd rather spend the extra money to make sure it's brand new and spifferific :biggrin:
  13. I don't have any advice for you. I am not a fan of used bags. I can do second-hand almost anything else except shoes and bags.
  14. If there is a bag you are really interested in, :police:ASK all the questions; is the seller the original owner, where did they get the bag if they are not (estate sale, thrift shop, yard sale, etc. or it belonged to a relative), does it smell, like mildew, or moth balls:throwup: Older bags have been around a lot longer and who knows where they've been? :yucky:

    Check the sellers return policy.

    It is very rare to find a collectible, vintage or antique piece that has been stored in it's original case, unused in a dresser drawer and in pristine condition.

    but, leather can be professionally cleaned,
  15. LoL i always have my *bay watching list full of used bags and NEVER once have I gotten the guts to buy it...I think a handbag is somewhat a personal item ya know? Plus I've learned that there are some nasty people out there and you never know where you're bag is coming from...just b/c it says "pet free, smoke free home" thats doesn't mean anything...ewe just the thought:sick: