how to get ur item authenticate by Chanel store?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I have never bought any bag from eBay...
    and I always wonder, how to get ur bags authenticate by Chanel SA?

    I mean, u just say it straight away that u buy on eBay?
    or anything else???
  2. No, don't tell them you've purchased it on eBay.
    The best way to do this, is to bring your bag in for a clean up.

    When it's authentic there will be no problem.
    But if they discover it's fake they will refuse to clean your bag. That way you will know it's not authentic.
  3. Thats a good idea but how embarrassing if it is a fake! I didn't know that they'll clean your bag?
  4. That would sure be an embarrasment!
    You could always say that the bag was a gift from an old auntie or something like that. :sweatdrop:
  5. That is a good idea to find out if it is authentic. But I know some sellers request written proof. Chanel boutiques will not do this for you. I personally stay away from sellers that say this.
  6. Too scary for me. How could you say your bag needs to be cleaned if its new?
  7. Does Chanel clean any bags you bring in or does it have to be certain ones?
  8. hm..
    what about say i wonder if my bag is authentic because my friend gave it to me as a gift?
    is it too obvious?hehe
  9. How about telling "this is a hand me downs" from my sister / mom. Can you help me restore / clean this bag for me... Right?:idea:
  10. Why can't you just say you purchased it from ebay?
  11. How do you knw the SA have a clue? I had sold 5 bags bought from Neiman Marcus, they were all bought 10+ years ago, so no reciepts, some no longer had the cards. All in mint condition, used a few times only. The buyers took a couple of them to Chanel and was told they were fake! What a crock. The SA was probably in middle school when the bag was purchased, how could she be an expert? I feel I can't trust even Chanel to authenticate now. Has anyone else ever had this happen? I was so insulted. But the buyers felt they got such a good deal, they didn't return the bags to me. Go figure. But I felt my reputation was questioned.
  13. Just post your bag on pf and I'm sure our knowledgable members can help you!

    but if you insist on authenticating it at the chanel boutiques...well do you have a SA you normally work with? If you do; they might just give you some "personal advice". Btw I don't know how cleaning works for Chanel bags; I guess you can request to have it re-dyed. Good luck.
  14. In the sydney boutique (im not sure whether this applies for other places) but they don't clean light-coloured lambskin (e.g. white lambskin flaps, white cambons) - only dark colours. light-coloured bags are hard to restore

  15. This is great advice. I have had luck going to my SA and saying, "Before I started shopping w/ you, I shopped on ebay and was wondering if you could tell me about this bag..."

    But, I do find that the ladies here know just as much, if not more, than SAs.