How to get through the holidays?

  1. Any advice from one who has been through this? I know there are many who are dealing with difficult issues and the Christmas Holidays can magnify things when the going gets tough. I have a sister who was diagnosed with lung cancer last April. Well, she was very brave and faced all of the chemo and radiation and pain with courage and dignity. In September we found out that the cancer had spread to her brain. It's been painful to watch this once brilliant and feisty woman, (who was a wonderful and caring nurse)dwindle to a patient in a care facility who, on most days, does not recognize her family. My Dad (who is 87) cries and asks "Why couldn't this be me instead?" It will be a hard Christmas for my family this year. I know there are many others, facing similar difficulties. Any advice?
  2. this is the first christmas without my brother. the thing that's worked best for my family is accepting the fact that we are not the same. christmas is not the same, will never be the same....and we don't necessarily want it to be. acknowledging that has helped tremendously. we've changed our traditions, made new ones, and decided not to stress at all. if it doesn't make us happy or joyful, we're not doing it....even if it's a "should do." life's too short. we're not ignoring christmas, but it has become a different type of holiday.
  3. My husband is going thru some health problems of his own, and since my Dad died last year, holidays are not quite the same for me. Some days are ae really hard. I just learn to cry and get it out if I feel the really helps.

  4. ^^^I have not been through this so I have no words of wisdom for you. I just wanted to send big hugs to you and offer a prayer for you and your family. As well as a prayer for all members of this forum who are going through difficult times this Christmas.
  5. My grandfather passed away Christmas Eve 1989 after a long battle with parkinsons. Such a cruel twist of fate for an energetic man, mountain climber, expert skier, etc.

    ITA the holidays magnify both the highs and the lows. It's OK to break traditions, do something new.

    For me this year has been a whirlwind and I'll be toasting a big ol' WELCOME to 2008 for sure. In the meantime, I focus on my nephews and niece (ages 4 and under!) as seeing how happy and giggling they are with Christmas is priceless.
  6. my dear gram died less than a month before christmas last year at 92 - it was a very different type of christmas for us, but it was OK that it was different. the fact that it was hard for us only showed how much we love her. i don't really have any advice except that you have to let it out; you can't let it be the elephant in the room.