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  1. I recently fell in love with the PM and HAD to have it. It took me a week, though everything I read told me about horrifyingly long wait lists and “sold out everywhere”.

    The first 4 days I relied solely on calling LV customer service 2x a day every day. While most would quickly tell me it was sold out everywhere, a couple people were helpful and gave me leads, obviously not helpful in actually getting the bag. The one thing I did learn quickly, they will not ship you ANYTHING unless you have purchased something in the last year. So after learning this I went online and bought a keychain. After purchasing my charm, I learned the standalone stores wont ship until 90 days after you’ve made your purchase, HOWEVER the store in Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus, etc will ship to you after your order has been received. Sooooo-

    On day 5 & 6 i call customer service, “there’s nothing available.” “Sold out everywhere”. Last straw was day 7 when the service rep got nasty with me when I asked her to double check. I hung up and started calling every damn Neiman Marcus LV I could find. It only took 3 calls.

    Let me clarify, when I say call them, don’t find the LV number, you have to find the number to Neiman Marcus, call that, and ask to be directed to LV. Customer service will not directly connect you to a store.


    Las Vegas put me on their waiting list, I WAS ONLY NUMBER 5 and apparently they get them in very regularly according to the SA. Texas had none. Jersey had one! Yay! Except... they wanted me to have made an IN STORE purchase in the last year OR have a Neiman Marcus card. No dice. I politely told her I NEEDED THE GOD DAMN BAG ITS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- 5 minutes later after a brief hold I paid and now have the beauty in my hands. In reality, it should take you LESS than 7 days. Don’t sit around on some arbitrary waiting list, Put some work in if you want it! Let me know about your success, posting this to help out anyone who’s desperately chasing it like I was. Good luck!
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  2. This is exactly how I received mine in less than two weeks. The department store LVs seem to get quicker access to the sought after bags. Maybe not anymore now though since we’ve let the cat out of her bag! Haha. Good luck ladies!! And congrats, OP on your acquisition! I LOVE mine!
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  3. This is helpful. I'm sitting here trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on a preloved PM from FashionPhile, but I think I need to try this approach first. Thanks!
  4. How do you know which Nordstrom stores carry LV? I thought only the Chicago location did?
  5. So does Seattle. Only Chicago and Seattle.
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  6. They pop up sporadically on the website. I was able to get a monogram and PM a couple months ago. They’ll appear online, usually at night, for a couple minutes. Just keep stalking. I never had one bit of problem.
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  7. Thanks, I’ll start checking at night. I usually check at work during the day.
  8. I was going to go that route, BUT there are a lot of really good fakes out there, wasn’t willing to take that risk, PLUS they’re charging way more than the site is on most occasions :/
  9. From what I understand Fashionphile guarantees authenticity, and they have one for less than retail today! It has water spots in the handle and some patina, neither of which I mind.
  10. Do you have a NM or Saks near you with with an LV store? That will really be your best bet (outside of stalking the website at ungodly hours lol).
  11. I got SO lucky!! I have wanted one for quite a while. I walked into the store this morning to pick up a repair (and I tried on the PM in Rose Poudre Empreinte - gorgeous, but I think I'd rather have the monogram), my SA said hang on let me unpack today's shipment, called me an hour later and said they got ONE in today!! Heading back over soon - so excited!!
  12. Yes I did this too! It's around 5pm pacific time. I missed out on the first day, was sold after adding to cart. Next day I worked super duper fast on checkout and was able to buy one. I was super lucky because I only had an week to get the bag in time for my best friend's bday. The store gave me the dumb run around and first said they can get it from another store, then manager called and said I have to be on a "waitlist."
  13. Anyone looking? My SA has these today

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  14. Ohhhhh I just got the monogram but I love the reverse too!!! Someone snatch it up before I’m too tempted!!
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  15. Is it me or does the flap on the mono seem off symmetrically. Like the right side of the flap is longer and way off to the side compared to the left? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?