How to Get the Perfect Hair Blow-Out???

  1. I have very straight hair. My hair is layered, and when I see my hairstylist, she blows my hair out in a way that volumized and defines the layers, and kind of loosely curls the layers...

    I have tried to duplicate this at home and CANNOT DO IT! I even bought the same type of round barrel brush that she uses.

    Any hair pros who can help? What are your tips for getting the perfect blow out? I love the way it looks, but for the life of me cannot do it myself!

  2. I think I've got the same problem, recently got a layered cut with side swept bangs and the hairstylist did it so nice the first day, definitely need to get one of those brushes, and maybe even a new hairdryers.

    So far what I saw her do was pick up the first layer of hair around the entire head and put a bit of mouse on the bottom layers, she said that adds the volume (my hair was still fairly wet at the time) then she started rolling and blow drying bits, even had me hang my head down and she did the back.
    Finally the bangs and then sprayed it all with hairspray and curled it a bit.

    I'd love to hear what others will suggest and recommend, good question :smile:
  3. I'd suggest you get some tips from your stylist. Keep in mind that it's harder to do it when you can't really reach the back of your head as well as someone else can.
  4. I've tried to replicate what they do and it doesn't work! I've given up, they use creams, shampoos and special brushes and techniques... i rather spend the $25 to get it done then have a headache haha!
  5. I noticed that this morning that it was a little hard to replicate with a blowdryer, esp the back of my hair. I just took my chi and ironed it flat LOL
  6. I couldn't do it for the life of me, then when I was in TO and someone else did my hair, she showed me the "brush roll". You hold the brush in one hand and roll it between your fingers. Try the same with your hair. It may get caught at first but keep trying to use that smooth rolling motion and aim the blowdryer upwards, towards roots. Now I can blow out my own hair and my bangs (which are sideswept) look great.
  7. I also had that problem when I had really long, fine hair. Lucky for me, my hair is naturally wavy. However blow drying upside down REALLY helped me and combing it when my head was upside down did too. Then I just blow dry from the bottom of my neck up to the top of my head... For me that works.
  8. I have that same problem. I just think I lack that coordination with the brush and the hairdryer. I can kind of pull it of for my left side but I can not do the same for the right. But I'll have to take a look at those clips from the Rachal Ray show to learn some tips!!
  9. This is what I do..hopefully this helps.

    After I get out of the shower I put my hair in one of those microfiber towels. I think the brand is Aqua something. You can get them at Ulta or Sephora and even Bed Bath and Beyond.

    This towel absorbs the water in your hair, and supposdly helps avoid breakage.

    I leave my hair in the towel as I apply my makeup.

    After I apply my makeup. I take my hair down form the towel. Brush with a paddle brush, then run the blow dryer over it so it is about 70% dry.

    I then put the product in my hair.
    I use Bain de Terre? a glossing heat protectant cream. Just a dime size evenly through the hair.
    Then I use about a nickle size of Steven Knoll's smoothing cream.
    I section off my hair into sections.
    I start with the bottom and work my way up.
    I use the Marylin round brushes. I have the tuxedo and the ovali.
    My hair dryer is the T3 evolution. I purchased it on Overstock and received a great deal.
    It only takes me about 15 minutes to dry my hair with the hair dryer, and I have very thick hair. When blow drying my hair with my old hair dryers it used to take me 30 mins to 45 mins to get my hair to where I wanted it.
    I stopped using the flat iron on my hair a year ago. My hair was breaking so I had to come up with a new plan to style my hair w/out damaging it.

    Hope this helps someone!!!
  10. thanks for the video posts!!
  11. The best trick I have learned is after blow drying, turn on the "cool-shot" button and cool off your hair. I have fine hair and live in the south, and no matter how humid or rainy it is outside, this prevents any frizzing. I think the cold air closes the hair cuticle and prevents any moisture from entering and making the hair wavy/curly. This leaves my hair as sleek as when I get a professional blow-dry. I hope this helps someone!
  12. You have to remember, its much easier for them to do your hair because they are standing over you . If you could take your head off and put it on the table do your hair and reattach it you would get the same results.
    I think most of us have this issue.Like you, I get annoyed at home when i cant get that same result as my stylist.:tdown:
  13. I've been practicing lately and the results are great. I'd say the most important part to focuss on would be the crown but I can pretty much do my entire head on my own. Just takes time, practice and patience ;)