How to get the pen mark OUT

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  1. I just recently got my first burberry (YAY!) but have gotten a small pen mark on the back of the bag on a white portion of the bag. Any idea the bestway to remove this? I'd hate to stain it more or remove the coating!
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  3. Sorry, fast fingers, I would first try the cleaner Burberry has for the Novas, this is what I got for mine. I think the best way is to let the cleaner soak the spot and then sort of rub with a soft cloth, you may have to do this several times. In the future just make sure no pens are around the bag:smile:)). I once ruined a bag with a leaking pen so I never stuff my better bags with pens anymore. It is sad that the Novas are so delicate, I really do not dare to carry mine too much. I am thinking of either getting a darker coated canvas next or one made of darker fabric and leather next for this reason. I do not think the Novas are best as everday bags because they get stained so easily and can be ruined, let me know if and how you end up removing the stain.Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't heard of the nova cleaner before- do most burberry locations have the cleaner?
  5. I would think so, the SA at the Burberry store in Hungary suggested it to me when I bought my tote, he said that they made this cleaner especially for the Novas because people had problems with jean marks, etc. At that time I was not aware of this problem but now I am glad that I got it even though the couple times I have worn my bag nothing happened to it, no marks or stains but you never know. I would have a heart attack if a bag I got at that price would be ruined like that. Wish you luck with getting the stain out and let us know how it goes.

  6. Hey I called Burberry to find out where i would find a nova check cleaner and they said they didn't make one. Maybe its jsut a europe thing...?
  7. How weird, mine definitely says for PVC but also works on leather. They recommended it at the store and it was pretty cheap too so I got it.
  8. My Burberry store In Pennsylvania didn't have a cleaner. But I have been using good old 10% benzoyle peroxide (the stuff for pimples) and it works great. Lifts the stain and doesn't hurt the underlying material. It has been a trick in the vinyl industry for years. Just put a little on , it will work faster if in light or sunlight then rinse with cold water. I don't leave it on longer than a couple of hours a day and tougher ink stains may take a couple of days...but it does work!!!!!!!
  9. How can you get out dye from jeans? My washed jeans got color on my less than 3-month old bag, and I'm so upset!
  10. This is great advise. I have the same problem with one of my Burberry bags. I was beginning to lose hope but now I have a few ideas. Thank you
  11. hi there. usually when i get stains rubbed off from my jeans i clean it with a wipe which has a little detergent on there and it always works! but for some reason, this one won't:

    can anyone please advise on what i can do? although it's small but it's very sad to see my burberry bag having that.

    thanks lots!! anna.
  12. Hi Anna...maybe u can try baby wipes or a lil bit of nail remover on the cotton wool n slowly rub on the surface...mine was coated canvas, like urs n just 1 week old n I saw a very light Jean colour at the bottom n edges so I just used baby wipes n wipe it thing to highlight, when u saw there's a stains, u must immediate wipe it off n that's how the stains don't absorb n stay longer on ur bag or else later a lil hard to remove the stains...bout the nail remover, it's contain acetone, a lil harsh but it's also depend on if the colour is darker or lighter to get it remove n if darker than dont take the risk..hope it helps then..good luck
  13. thanks lots for your advice, i'll give nail remover a try =S i'm so scared lol.
  14. Lovely details to pen..

    Easy Feet