How to get the new catalogue?

  1. Hey everyone

    In two weeks I buy my next LV piece. I have seen pics from a new catalogue called " collection cruise 2008"

    I want that so bad. How can I get it??

    Normally I have to go to the LV store and buy it or?

    As I buy my speedy I ask after the big catalogue. The SA told me that normally it costs 20 Euros. But she has put the catalogue to the speedy in the shppingbag and say: a little present for you.
    She was really nice.
    But I don't know if every SA is so friendly ..

    how do you get it ? Did you buy it? how much costs it? Or is this little catalogue free of charge?
  2. i would love to know to. I have the holiday 2oo7 catalog and i want 2 collect more. Is there anyway i can ask my sa to give it to me for free without being direct? She's a really nice sa.she sent me a happy new year card.
  3. you actually can order the catalog by calling 866 vuitton, they will charge you about $12 for shipping. sometimes, if there are available catalogs instore, you can just pick one up... its free.
  4. Just ask, my SA just gave me one
  5. When my sister bought her white MC Audra in HK 2 summers ago I asked if I could get a catalogue to take with me and she said "Sure". I didn't even know they charged for them at the time. But when my mom bought a red Vernis Sunset Boulevard at the store in Denmark in Nov and asked for the new catalogue for me, they said it costs 60 Danish money (about $7) but could give us one for free but it was out of stock in the store and they promised to send us one when they came in but I haven't gotten it yet. It can't take that long for the store to get restocked with calalogues right? Doesn't feel like I'm going to get it :sad: