How to get the leather to oxidise faster?

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  1. I got my new bag yesterday ekkkk :nuts:

    Noooowwww for my speedy 30 and my delightfull GM it took around 2 month ( I take them out in all weather conditions ) to oxidise ect, would anyone no how to get the leather on the bag e.g handles/leather to turn darker faster????Its just right now 1st the bag just looks odd and 2nd because its brand new to me it really does look as if I got it from a market lol.....I would do a reveal but I dont have a clue how to upload pics (Louis Vuitton carryall)
  2. Set the bag in a sunny window!
  3. wow I never want mine to oxidize. But sun will do it.
  4. Im afraid there will be no sun untill next year not in england sooo im stuffed :sad:
  5. A desk lamp will work, too. Non-fluorescent bulb.... I like mine suntanned, too!
  6. Thankyou!!!I was going to damp it over with a slightly wet clothe...Yeah I think they look better tanned.With the leather being nearly white I feel as if I have to be really carefull when it comes to marks ect
  7. I just bought the lovin my bags mineral shield, and in addition to being a fantastic stain repellent, it also darkened the vachetta quite a bit.
  8. I cleaned the vachetta if my NF with baby wipes just last week and it darkened a bit.
  9. Iv just done that and let it dry.Im going to keep on going over it, thats what made me speedy go darker.....and rain :smile: