How to get sweet potato stains out of Cordovan Havana?

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  1. We had a sweet potato baby food incident at my house--it ended up everywhere all over me and my bag was slung over a chair at the dining table--I didn't even realize that it got on my bag until hours later, so it dried. I tried wiping off with some leather conditioner and it didn't really do much. Any suggestions--stain is about 3 inches long.
  2. What kind of stain did it leave? As in, did it dye the leather orange or eat the cordovan color. When you get time, can you post a pic of the stain. You might want to also post this under Care for your HH bags. Stormy seems to know alot about caring for bags.
  3. it left an orangey stain--I don't think it ate the color, but the stain doesn't seem like it will come off easy. I will try to post a pic tomorrow.
  4. Be careful using leather cleaner. I know that some, especially Apple, are very strong and may damage the original color of the bag.
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    I would try using Magic Rub. It is recommended by HH.
    If you don't have that, a regular eraser.
    Or if you have Coach purses, ithey usually come with a double end brush cleaner.

    I would try these safe steps before going the chemical route. Also, I would read that care thread at the top.
  6. I am not sure an eraser will work on this kind of "wet" stain.

    This is a question for stormyheart. Can you repost this in the "Care of your HH" stickied thread? She might be more likely to see it there? Or PM her?

    I would refrain from using anything untested on it for the time being -- using the wrong thing can make it much worse.

    I got a bad black stain on my Cordovan Wyeth and i was able to massage it out with my fingers, slowly massaging in circular patterns. I was lucky that I tried that before something that might have harmed the leather. I've nearly ruined bags by impetuously using a cleanser. Stormy I think said that the cordovan leather has more embedded wax in it, so this kind of massage tactic is more possible.
  7. ^jandelvis, didn't you use Wilson's wipes to get a salsa stain or something off your plum Lourve?
  8. That's right! I forgot about that!! I also used them last night on my Martine with great results.

    They are the Wilson's TLC wipes. I haven't had consistent luck with the other Wilson's products but the wipes are now two for two. Thanks for the reminder!
  9. EEEEEK, what happened to your Martine?
  10. Lesson #1 = don't eat while wearing your Martine!

    I wore it to a college dining hall and didn't take it off - mostly b/c i am in love with it, but also b/c I didn't want to risk putting it anywhere where it would get nabbed/covered in nacho cheese sauce. The bell sleeves must have dragged in my meal. BF found some dried tomato sauce on the sleeve last night.

    He said, "Hey, what did you get on your coat?" And I said ":wtf::wtf::wtf:!!!"

    But it came right off, no problem. I used the wipe to massage it off. No harm, no foul. Lesson learned.:rolleyes:
  11. Note to self: Remember to pick up WIPES as well as lotion when going to Wilsons outlet this sunday. :yes: Glad it worked so well for you jan!!!! And good luck nonnie26 w/the sweet potato stain!!!!!!!!
  12. Jess, big thanks for your report. I HAVE to find some Wilson's wipes. Not taking any chances with the lovely Martine.