How to get straight hair to hold a curl?

  1. I got a curling iron for Christmas and tried using it for the first time today, but my straight, fine hair wont hold a curl! I spent forever trying to curl my hair, but by the time I finished, the first curls I made were already disappearing :shrugs: I used hair spray and KMS Hairplay Paste Up spray and it really didn't work too well, so now I'm looking for suggestions on what to use. Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Maybe return it and get the GHD to curl hair? I heard that works well for holding curls.
  3. so you think the kind of iron you use makes a difference? I don't think I can return my iron since it was a Christmas gift and I've already used it, but if getting a GHD might help then I might consider getting one (although I curl my hair maybe once every two years :p) I looked at some GHD irons online, which one is it that everyone is raving about? I saw one with thicker plates and a thinner pink one, does it matter which one I get? I'm still not sure I can get one here (the power voltage is different so getting one from overseas will be a bit of a pita) but I haven't quite looked into it so it's possible :flowers:
  4. If you get it at Sephora, I am pretty sure you can return it if you do not like it, but they are really pricey. Ask about their policy just in case. Check out some of the ghd threads and see what people have to say. They can be used for straightening and curling. If you do not have Sephora nearby, perhaps order online and find out of it is returnable. I think the iron can def make a difference, though.
  5. I think you need to use a product on your hair before you use the curling iron. I am not sure what you would need. I have straight fine hair and never in my life could anything get it to hold and keep a curl.
  6. I find that if your hair is "drier" or has a product that makes your hair kind of dry (does that make sense?) - your curls will hold better.

    I know it's kind of bad to put product on your hair and curl, since it makes it hotter and may make that sizzling sound... haha.. but I've always had better luck when there was some product in my hair BEFORE I curled.
  7. LOL - me too! I love that sizzle!

    Keya - make sure your hair is totally dry (no dampness whatsoever), section it out and mist each section with hairspray before you curl it. Make sure the iron is at its hottest (GHDs take about 4 seconds, but others can take up to 10 minutes) and curl your hair. Mist again straight after curling each section.

    And yeah, the type of iron makes a huge difference, but if you only curl your hair every now and then, perhaps you can try this method? :shrugs:
  8. Before drying hair use some kind of mouse or styling gel, then blow dry...then use alot of hairspray...
    1. spray
    2. curl
    3. spray
    then leave all the curls do your entire head wait a little bit then seperate
  9. So the iron should be at its hottest? I experimented a bit with the temperatures on mine, but I was afraid of burning my hair so I mostly stuck to the lowest temperatures. And I did get that sizzling sound, it made it sound like my hair was frying :p
  10. Never curl your hair on the highest setting. It'll burn your hair out! It's not the iron, but rather the products used with it that helps a curl to hold (though there are irons that are better for your hair, in terms of not burning and drying it out). Sebastian Shaper Spray is a miracle worker! It doesn't leave the hair crunchy, but provides a lasting hold. It's about $20 but worth every penny. Other options are: 1. Layers (so when the curls fall, it'll still fall into a style) 2. Using setting lotion and then rolling up the hair and drying under a hooded dryer 3. Drying the hair with a round brush and hand dryer (this requires practice but gives unbelievable body) and then use a curling iron. I have thick but fine hair and my mom has owned a salon for the last 25yrs and over the years we've experimented a lot with my hair. Good luck! But NEVER EVER set your iron on the highest setting. No one's hair can withstand that.
  11. Also, it helps if your hair isn't clean - i.e. don't wash your hair the day you want to curl it. It helps hold curl better if there is some of your head's natural oils in the hair rather than squeaky clean hair.

    The above recommendations are good too - spray with hairspray, curl and then spray again and let cool before touching again. And a good flat iron helps too. Whenever my stylist curls my hair with a really good flat iron, my hair can hold curls for 3 or 4 days without washing and look fantastic. When I do it with a curling iron and the above directions, I can get it to hold for almost a full day, almost.

    Good luck!!
  12. I have learned that no matter how much product you put in your hair.. the curls dont stay long.

    I have used everything from hairspray to expensive styling products and the curls are real nice for the first 15 - 20 minutes then they begin to fall flat. I have even used individual curlers with hair products, kept curlers in over night, blowndry them... nothing really works.

    I have noticed that my friends who dye and blow dry their hair regularly have better results when curling their hair. But if you have really healthy, fine straight hair.. curling is just not your friend.
  13. I have pin straight asian hair and most cheap curling irons don't work on my hair. The only curls my hair holds is with foam curlers or the GHD iron.
  14. ITA...GHD is the way to go. It is the only iron that keeps the curls in my hair. You won't be disappointed. I haven't had a bad hair day since I got the GHD. I use it with their Creation spray, but sometimes I forget to use the spray and curls still last the entire day and even the following day. Everyone thinks my hair is naturally curly now.
  15. I bought the GHD during Sephora's friends and family discount, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Right now, I use hot rollers every day to curl my hair. Actually I have really stubborn pin straight asian hair as well, but my stylist recommended that I perm my hair to give it some waves and the curls have been holding on'll last maybe 2 days.