How to get smoke odor out of purses

  1. I was interested in buying a bag th current owner is not a smoker( whose had the bag for a month) but the person before her was. Can it get rid of the smell by being aired out? Its a leather bag thankk u so much girls!!!
  2. Jesus Freak..... first of all... fun name, mine is a reference to DC TALK who had one of the best albums ever in this century AKA Jesus Freak.......Any who...sorry to digress.

    I am wondering if the short term owner of the bag is not selling it because of the smell. There are techniques that can rid the bag of the odor, but it takes a super long time from what I hear. I am sure some one will come along and share the secrets. I am assuming it has something to do with baking soda……

    I am curious to read the replies.
  3. It took me about 6 months to get smoke out of a legacy satin wristlet i got on da bay.
  4. there have been previous threads about this that you can check out. from what i remember it's HARD to get the smell out and/or get the smell to at least fade. i personally won't ever buy anything that has been with a smoker b/c i have a sensitive nose and can smell it from a mile away. also a bag that i purchased a long time ago STILL smells like smoke...not as bad as it did when it first arrived but i can still smell it! hope that helps!
  5. I think i would pass on this. Just my 2 cents tho. Its very difficult to get that smell out.
  6. I agree with coachqueencoach, I would pass. It's hard to get the smell out..and also if the current owner couldnt get it out, you probably can't either.
  7. she said she did ,but I still leave guessing since it has only been one month
  8. I believe I may have been the previous owner of the bag in question. If that's the case, the person wgo has the bag has done business iwht me in the past and said that she has been able to air the bags out. She has done business with me a few times so I can't imagine that she would continue to do business with me if the smell wouldn't go away. JMO. IF the bag is a amythest legacy bag it did come from a smoking home but was kept in a room where there was never smoking so it was not dirrectly around the smoke.

    Go with your gut!!!
  9. I have seen a few threads on here and a lot of people recommend " Odor out bag candies ". Here's the link where you can buy them..

    They are made to take the smell out of leather bags.
  10. Thanks for that link!
  11. Good afternoon-

    Last week a room in my house caught fire. As a result of the smoke, there is an odor on some of purses. I love them and can't bear to get rid of them and I was wondering if there were any purse cleaning services you all could recommend.

    Many thanks.

  12. If they are leather, provides excellent service. You might also contact your insurance company, as they will have recommendations for you (hopefully you were covered...? They would pay for the cost of cleaning, I would think...) If they are not leather, I would think any drycleaner that specializes in smoke damage should be able to clean your bags.
  13. I agree with the above poster contact your insurance company, we have a place here that takes the smoke smell out of almost anything after a fire im sure its become a common thing now. Sorry about your fire hopefully your stuff wasnt too damaged
  14. Thanks ladies for your responses.
  15. I second the advice to use Lovin My Bags.

    :tup: :tup:

    I hope you didn't lose anything important in the fire.