how to get scratches off the monogram

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  1. how do i get rid of the scratches I have on my Lv monogram Tivoli bag?
  2. Please help. how do i get the scratches off my Tivoli monogram bag?
  3. I don't think LV bags are ever supposed to get scratched.. did you get it at the LV store?
  4. oh no.. I love the Tivoli. I would call the store. did you post this on the LV forum as well?
  5. i bought the bag in the Lv boutique in Atlantic City 2 years ago. I think it got scratched when I placed it behind my seat in my suv to hide it so I can go for an exercise walk.
  6. If they are full-fledged scratches/gouges, they will not come off. Sorry.
  7. Could you get some pics :smile:
  8. Yes...if we could see some pics, maybe we could have some better suggestions as far as what to do. :shrugs: I've had some light scratches before that I was able to "massage" away, but like Charleston-Mom said, if there is a scratch completely gouged in your bag, it probably won't come out.