How to get salt stains out of BF's baseball caps?

  1. Hey girls, I need some help. My bf has a baseball cap that he loves to wear outside. But now it has salt stains that are visible on the outside. I took it to the cleaners and they couldn't help me. They told me it would "break" the bill if they tried to clean it. Any suggestions? TIA!
  2. When my BF's baseball caps get dirty, he puts them in one of these frame-type things (they're shaped like the cap). Then he just puts them in the washing machine and washes them on the gentle cycle. I just asked him if he puts them in the dryer, and he doesn't. He lets his air dry, although he said that he could put them in the dryer if he wanted to.

    It looks like this:


    I don't know where he got it. But between spot cleaning using something like Spray N Wash and machine washing caps, the salt stains should come out.
  3. My husband puts his in the dishwasher in the top shelf and runs a cycle with whatever dishwashing soap we are using at the time and it always amazes me how clean they come out!
  4. Thanks! I should have added that his are wool, do you think that makes a difference in how to wash it?

    I will DEFINITELY be buying him one of those hat washer things. I can't thank you enough!
  5. Ugh.. My BF wears his hats until they are dead. He's currently working on one.. it USED TO BE black... now it's a lovely shade of pinkish greyish black. ... Salt stains everywhere. I'd try to wash it, but I'm scared it'd just be gray anyways. He works outside, so the sun has bleached it!
  6. Yah... my BF uses one of those frame thingies...but hmmm.... I wish I could get him to buy new ones.... I just thought of another thing to add to "stuff you wish you could throw out" thread! LOL
  7. I wash my H all the time. On gentle cycle
    This is my mom's secret cleaning agent and trust me it works on everything. 1 part shout, 1 part white vinegar
    and 1 part ammonia.

    good luck.