How to get rid of water/rain stain on vechetta?

  1. I've been searching through FAQs and found some vachetta cleaning methods, e.g., baby wipe, apple cleaner, magic eraser, etc, but all of them are to clean off the dirts.

    I have an LV back sag (sorry don't know the model name), which has vachetta at the bag bottom and sholder strips. I've been using this bag heavily for more than 5 years and never take any good care of it:shame:. The vachetta are dirty and have many water/rain stains.

    Are there any ways to erase off water or rain stains on vachetta?

    I've got both Apple Cleaner (worked well with my Balenciaga;)) and Magic Eraser (worked well with my monogram pochette strap:rolleyes:). Pls help advise if these stuffs work on water stain. TIA.:smile:
  2. The magic eraser worked well with all the different stains on my Babylone would give it a try
  3. thank you newcitylady. i tried magic eraser and it wiped off the water stain. however, the lather has lost its shine. i've just sprayed apple guard on the vachetta, hoping it will restore some shine. keep my fingers crossed.
  4. [​IMG]hi, meeksook, did the magic eraser work? ihave rain stains that i want to get rid of too

  5. Hi guys!
    I created a thread about this about a month ago now. My petite bucket had water stains and I used the magic eraser to clean her up! Maybe you can find that thread of some help?
    Its called something like "I cleaned my petite bucket today with magic eraser..."
    I hope this helps!!:smile::idea: