How to get rid of Varicose/ Spider Veins on Legs?

  1. These seem to be getting more prominent on my legs. Has any one tried treating/ removing them? Was it successful?
  2. Check with your dermotologist, there is a procedure whereby they inject a saline solution into the smaller spider veins and essentially shut them down. A number of dermotologists do it. This is considered cosmetic so it won't be covered by insurance but really is not that costly.
    For the larger ones, the varicose, check with your doc too. Varicose and spider veins are 2 different types and are treated in a different manner.
  3. If you decide to go with saline injections, I hope you have a high pain tolerance. I hear it really hurts...:push:
  4. It's called sclerotherapy and it's for spider veins, not varicose veins. I've had it done twice and it hurts like hell. They typically do it in 1/2 hour sessions. They have a very tiny needle with a saline solution and they inject as many spider veins as they can during the session. Spider veins are genetic so if you have them, you will always have them (you can make them worse by standing on your feet too long, crossing your legs, etc.). Sclerotherapy helps immensely but will not eliminate them completely. I have found that new spider veins appear over time. You can also try laser treatments. Some doctors prefer sclerotherapy while others prefer lasers.
  5. Thanks vhdos. Did you get good results for sclerotherapy? Is it worth the pain?
  6. I forgot to mention one other thing - you have to wear compression stockings for a while afterwards (I don't remember how long) so if you're thinking about having it done, do it now before spring so you have plenty of time to recover.
    Overall, I felt like the results were okay. I have lots of little spider veins all over my legs that are not very noticeable at all and I have an area on the outside of my left calf (where I cross my legs) where the spider veins are more noticeable. The sclerotherapy did make that area less noticeable but not gone completely. Also, as I mentioned earlier, new spider veins will surface over time after old spider veins have been dried up.
    I had my first treatment done probably 5 years ago and then just had a "touch up" treatment last year. It is pretty painful, which is part of the reason why I haven't done more treatments. The other reason why is because I'm not looking for perfection.
    Anyway, it's worth the pain if it's something that really bothers you. I may go back for more touch ups in the future but it will have to get pretty bad...
  7. My daughter has had it done twice with mixed results. She had a good bit of bruising for a month or so the second time and was not happy about it. We are looking in to laser therapy as phlebitis runs in my husbands family. Both he and his sister had to have the veins stripped from their legs when in their thirties and we don't want her to go through that.
  8. My mom has had sclerotherapy for spider veins quite a few times. It does work, but then other spider veins pop up in different places. I'm surprised to hear about the pain factor, she never mentioned anything to me. But then again she's got the highest pain threshold I've ever known and I have none.
  9. I had sclerotherapy once. They inject this solution into your leg and I almost passed out with pain. Then you have to wear these stupid support stockings for a while. It was horrible. It got rid of the vein but now my leg looks bruised. I have just learned to live with it.
  10. I had some spider veins injected on my thigh about 8 years ago and I didn't feel much discomfort at all. It was a small cluster about the size of a quarter on the top of my thigh. They all disappeared and I didn't have to wear compression stockings afterward. Maybe it depends on the severity.
    Now I'm dealing with varicose veins. I've got one in particular that starts on the inside of my groin and winds down the back of my thigh. I HATE it but I don't know if I should get it taken care of or wait until there are more to treat.
  11. Walking daily is really good for your legs and veins. It gets your blood pumping so it doesnt pool.
  12. I recommend making an appointment with a vascular surgeon. I had several procedures on my legs to get rid of varicose and spider veins. My legs look awesome! I didn't think the pain was bad, and I don't think that I have a prticuarly high pain tolerance.
    The first procedure that I had done was a main vein in my left leg (saphenous vein) was closed permanently with a laser. A thin catheter was threaded into the vein. It was an out-patient procedure and my insurance paid for it. Then, a couple years later I had a micro-phlebectomy in the hospital. I was sedated and varicose veins were removed from both legs. Insurance coverd the hospitalization but not the surgeon's fee.
    Finally, I had the sclerotherapy on my both legs to touch up any remaining veins. After each procedure I have to wear the compression stockings anywhere from several days to a couple or weeks.
    Now mind you, my legs weren't horrible looking before these procedures but I realized that with age the varicose veins would get worse and worse. I started this whole process in my late 20s. I'm 35 now and my legs look like Barbie legs. It was totally worth it but definitely go to a vascular surgeon if you want permanent results. Varicose veins are the result of an underlying medical condition (vascular reflux) in the main veins of the leg. I hope that helps.
  13. I had sclerotherapy on my legs and I did find it painful, it doesn't take long so it is bare-able and I would d it again. If you want to do it obviously it is best to do it in the winter months. What I was surprised is the doctor found many more spider veins then I thought I had. 4 years later I find that I have them again and am thinking of getting it done again but maybe I should go to a vascular surgeon as Bullish above suggested! Thanks for the info...
  14. I had the laser on my face to get rid of capillaries and it did hurt a bit. A few times it also formed blisters on thespot and then left little indentations. One of these never went away. I had this done with the cutera laser and they also use this same laser for the legs to treat spider veins. Just make sure you find a good doc so you will have less chance of blistering.
  15. Thank you for your post! I'm am definitely going to pursue a more agressive treatment.
    When you were recovering were you restricted from exercising? I'm a runner and I'm hoping I won't have too much down time.
    Interesting that your insurance paid for it. Did you go in complaining about discomfort? I would think that it would be considered cosmetic unless there was pain.