How to get rid of telemarketers? Help!

  1. OMG!!! How annoying can telemarketers be????? Currently, I have one on the phone, but the receiver is sitting on the desk next to me. She is speaking to my newspaper, I think.

    I'm currently consulting from home (I start my new job Oct. 9!), so I have the joy of these people calling me all day long. I swear that "online pharmacy" calls me 5x a day. I'm on every "Do Not Call" list imaginable and constantly tell them to stop calling me. I've even tried "I'm in bankruptcy", "I don't want a prescription", "sorry, she died," "I am sending you a curse of cooties over the line," and NOTHING works!!! I've tried to get their company info so I can report them, but they immediately hang up.

    This current one has called 7 times in a row, so I figured I'd let her speak to some air. She has a LD area code on my caller ID, so I hope this is at least costing her something.

    Any suggestions before I go mad????? :cursing:
  2. Call information. They can give you an 800 # that blocks the calls for 5 years. Its wonderful!!! I also posted a thread in GD a while back with a # to block telemarketers on your cell phone too.
  3. get on the Do Not Call list on your state government site. Also, be sure to add your cell phone if you have one.
  4. Call your phone company and subscribe to Privacy Director as an add on to your current caller ID. It totally eliminated our telemarketing calls. It requires people to verbally identify themselves to the phone company computer before the phone ever rings. If they refuse to identify themselves (and telemarketers won't) your phone will never even ring. It's great!
  5. Ooh! What a great idea! I'm getting right on that. Thank you!
  6. I already have, which is what makes this so frustrating.
  7. I think the worst thing you can do it let them talk. If you do this, then the continue to call until you buy something. I have been on the DNC list but still get calls. I have found "I already have that" stops the calls.
  8. hmmmmm you might want to tell them you are on the DNC list and maybe threaten them with a law suit if they call back. that should stop them in their tracks.
  9. yeah, just keep saying that you are on the DNC list.. I, on the other hand, continues to get some calls on my cell phone. so I don't know.. I just don't pick up if I am not sure of the number...
  10. Get on the DNC registry-that helps a lot.

    Whenever a call gets through, I just tell them I'm Amish & they're tying up the village phone. Usually stops them dead in their tracks.

    OR my other one is "Daddy, is that you? Why won't you come home? Mommy won't stop crying." That gets them to hang up real fast.
  11. Also, don't give your number out to stores if possible. Like when you go to check out and they ask you "what's your phone number?" This is used for telemarketing. Either give them a fake phone number or tell them you don't have a phone. Or when you sign up for something online, unless it's important, give a fake phone number.
  12. I just let them go through their whole entire spill, then start asking questions like,

    Where you located?
    Is it daytime or nightime their?
    Where do you do for fun?
    What's your name?
    Where do you live?

    They get frustrated and hang up and don't call back.
    I'm laughing the whole time?
  13. I think if you are on the phone with them and you say Please take me off of your call list, by law, they have to. And if they contact you again, they can be fined.
  14. if they call me on my mobile i put it next to the radio and it makes a terrible noise :devil: they don't tend to call back :roflmfao:
  15. Hm well I have 2 kinda mean ideas that I haven't ever done, but I never answer my home phone, just my cell phone so I don't get too many telemarketers.

    1--keep a whistle next to your phone and when it is a telemarketer (or you mother in law!!) blow it loudly into the phone

    2--my aunt just puts the phone down and walks away and lets them jabber on for 10 minutes before they realize that she isn't there anymore!! She's like "if they are going to waste my time, I'm going to waste theirs!!"

    Good luck!!