How to get rid of tan lines on my arms?

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  1. sorry if this is a stupid question, i have this nasty (t-shirt) tan line on my arms and it's looks horrible with the dress that i have to wear to a wedding this saturday =( the top part of my arms look light and the bottom part is really tanned =( pls help?? im really stressing guys, and im sorry to ask but im really desperate. thanks.
  2. I would use a bronzer or good self-tanner.
  3. ok ill try this....thanks a lot.....
  4. If it's really bad, go with some foundation. If you have loose bronzer, you can mix that with a lotion of some sort.
  5. I don't know how you feel about tanning salons, but if you go in a tanning bed and cover up the parts that are already tan that works very well. Just make sure you don't go in for too long or you will burn the pale parts!
  6. Or get a spray tan...
  7. better get a spray tan than going to the salon!
  8. exfoliate and rub lemon juice on the tanned parts a couple times a day. Focus on the tan line the most. By Saturday the tan should be faded a little bit, then use bronzer on the light part.
  9. thanks guys! for now ill try the bronzer with the lotion as well as the spray tan....
    thank u again!
  10. I had that same problem and I went to get a spray tan to even it out. I guess the gal didn't seem to understand what I wanted to do, becuase she sprayed everything, making the light parts dark and the dark parts darker. Explain to the person what exactly you are wanting to do!:yes: