How to get rid of smoke/smells on Tokis?

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  1. I scored my first Citta thru Craigslist today at a really nice price. It's perfect - no damage or stains and I love the print placement. I brought it home and realized it reeks of a combination of smoke and moth balls. I didn't think to smell the bag when I was checking it out! :sad: I used Febreeze but the smell isn't completely going away. Anyone have suggestions? HELP!
  2. time and another app of febreeze would probably work the best. maybe hang it outside ofr a while in the breeze?

    what style did you get?
  3. smoke cell is the hardest to get out...sometimes i buy clothes on ebay that are owned by took me 3+ washes n the smell still lingers...

    i guess keep spraying it n air it out a LOT???
  4. I'd get one of those big tupperware like containers for storing things and put the bag plus an open box or 2 of baking soda in it. It should absorb the odors. Placing the plastic container somewhere warm (like in the sun) will help speed up the process
  5. oooh good idea, nawth!
  6. Thanks everyone! They're all good ideas. :smile: I Febreezed it to death and it seemed to have made most of the smell go away. :woohoo:I'd rather have it reek of Febreeze instead of smoke.

    toki_steph - I got the citta campeggio :smile: It's not my first style choice but I could not pass it up.
  7. god, i've been needing a campeggio lately! i saw 2 more citta bags on bay area craigslist (just looked after i read your post!) and they're both in citta. it's giving me hope that when i go to the loehmann's in sacramento i'll find something good.

    have you hit up the one in SF at all?
  8. cool i got my foresta stellina on craigslist vancouver for $130 and it has the best placement i've ever seen!
  9. there's a loehmann's in SF? i've never even heard of one until i joined this message board.

    i totally LOVE my citta campeggio! i'm using it for work and bringing it to tonight's A's/Red Sox game. :smile: